European Institute of Management and Finance | Finance and Accounting fot non-Financial Proffessionals
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Finance and Accounting fot non-Financial Proffessionals

Finance for Legal Professionals and

Non-Financial Managers

To remain competitive and provide a truly top quality service, legal professionals serving the international business and finance markets need not only to know the law but also to develop a stronger understanding of their clients’ requirements.

This course has been created by EIMF in collaboration with finance and legal experts to respond to that need and help lawyers to gain a better comprehension of corporate and capital market activity. The thorough and highly practical programme provides you with the necessary tools, techniques and terminology to give you a clear understanding of the financial issues that your clients have to face in their daily commercial activity.


This intensive two-day course will teach you the essential elements of accounting and finance. By the end of the course you will emerge better equipped to assess, analyse and understand a company’s financial position.


  • Learn how to understand, analyze and interpret the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statements and the basic principles of financial accounting.
  • Understand the founding concepts of financial markets and grasp the underpinning terminology and operation.
  • To understand the basic principles of accounting and the cross overs with finance.
  • Understand the time value of money, Discounted Cash Flow, Capitalization, IRR and real option analysis.
  • Be able to differentiate and appreciate the difference between cash and accrual accounting.
  • Gain a command of how to properly value businesses, investment projects and appraisals.
  • To understand the budgeting process and learn how to produce forecasts.
  • Learn how to work out financial ratios and do trend analysis.
  • Get a grasp on the value and uses of cost accounting inside a corporation.
  • You will get thorough overview of financing the business and how to bring in outside investors, as well as how IPOs work.
  • Understanding the current global financial situation, Basel 3 and discussing the hot issues that will arise to be prepared.
  • Reinforce your learning via multiple examples, and by practicing new knowledge gained in several hands on workshops.

Seminar Content

  • Overview of Finance in Business
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • The Operating or Income Statement
  • Balance Sheets
  • The Cash Flow Statement
  • Reporting Data Analysis – Understanding Ratios
  • Costs and the Company
  • Investment and Project Appraisal
  • Budget Planning and the Annual Budget
  • Financing the Business
  • Attracting Outside Investors – Angels, VCs, IPOs & M&A
  • The current Global Financial Environment

Who should attend

  • Partners
  • Non-financial executives and Directors
  • Senior and junior lawyers
  • In-House lawyers
  • Corporate lawyers
  • Legal experts in the financial services industry
  • Legal consultants
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In-House Training

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Instructor: Marios Mortis