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The CGG aims to contribute to a more efficient and transparent public sector, a more fair, productive, and just corporate world, and one where businesses and public organisations operate effectively and interact constructively to pursue their goals in a sustainable manner, by considering the interests of all stakeholders and society at large.


The Governing Principles of CGG

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The Strategic Areas of Focus

 – Good Governance

 – Comparative Review of Governance Models

 – Corporate Board Effectiveness: Roles, Responsibilities, Composition, Leadership

 – Corporate Governance Manuals

 – Business Ethics and Integrity

 – Green Finance and Sustainability

 – Applicable Legal and Regulatory Frameworks


Upcoming Event

The Governance of Financial Regulators within the European Banking Union

Live Event | EIMF Premises, 25 Megaron Street, Nicosia

Speakers: Professor Helen Louri-Dendrinou and Mr Marinos Lambrianides | Moderator: Professor Stavros Zenios

Though much has been written on how corporations and financial institutions should be best governed, the governance structure of financial regulators is a rather under-researched area. The aim of the seminar is to allow for experts in the field to share their expertise and experience and allow for a better understanding of how financial regulators are governed within the European framework, discuss best practices but also shed light on how the governance structure of the local financial regulator stands now.


Our two guest speakers will be Professor Eleni-Louri Dendrinou and Mr Marinos Lambianides. Professor Louri-Dendrinou is a member of the Appeal Panel of the Single Resolution Board of European banks in Brussels. From June 2008 to June 2014, she was Deputy Governor of the Bank of Greece. She is Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics of the Athens University of Economics and Business since 2001. Mr Marinos Lambrianides is the Director of Supervision at the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC).


Professor Stavros Zenios will be moderating the seminar. Professor Zenios is Professor of Finance at the University of Cyprus (UCY) and Senior Fellow at the Wharton School, USA. He served two terms as Rector of UCY (2002-2010) while he also served on the Board of the CBC as a Non-Executive Director.

11 October


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Past Events

Live Event | EIMF Premises, 25 Megaron Street, Nicosia

Date & Time | 14 March | 17:00-19:00

Speakers: Panikkos Poutziouris & Christos Photiades | Moderator: Elias Hadjielias ​

As part of Seminar Series for the Spring Semester 2023, the Centre of Good Governance invites family business owner-managers, next generation leaders and their professional / advisors to its first Seminar focusing on the Governance Structures for Strategic Development of Family Businesses -Business Families and their Single – Virtual Family Offices.

Video Recording

Live Event | EIMF Premises, 25 Megaron Street, Nicosia

Date & Time | 06 April | 16:30-18:00

Speakers: Petros Florides & Dr. Adonis Pegasiou | Moderator: Marios Clerides

As part of the Open Seminar Series for the Spring Semester 2023, the Centre of Good Governance invites you to the second seminar of the Spring Semester 2023. The seminar will be focusing on policy options and actions available for bettering the governance of state-owned enterprises.  The aim is to initiate a discussion among the participants that in a constructive manner will promote the ongoing debate on how these organisations can be better governed in a way that will be beneficial to their operations, profitability and sustainability. The topic is considered to be of interest to state and government officials, directors and management staff of SOEs, political party officials, NGOs, academics and journalists and members of the wider public.

Video Recording

Live Event | EIMF Premises, 25 Megaron Street, Nicosia

Date & Time | 03 May | 16:45-18:30

Opening Remarks: Ms Irene Piki | Speakers: Professor Dimitris Papadimitriou & Dr. Adonis Pegasiou | Moderator: Professor Haridimos Tsoukas

In the forthcoming seminar organised by the Centre for Good Governance our two speakers will be reviewing the cases of Greece and Cyprus, focusing on how the core executive is organised and the head of the executive (President or Prime Minister) establishes control and coordination across the government. Through a comparative perspective the aim will be to offer recommendations that will enhance the governance structures and allow for a better, more productive and efficient management of government. Professor Papadimitriou is the author of numerous publications on the matter, including the book ‘Prime Ministers in Greece: The Paradox of Power’ co-authored with Professor Kevin Featherstone (2015, Oxford University Press). Dr Adonis Pegasiou is part of the Research Project ‘Coordination at the Top: The Secretariats-General of the Executive in Europe’ by the European Group of Public Administration and has studied the case of Cyprus.

Video Recording

Live Event | EIMF Premises, 25 Megaron Street, Nicosia

Date & Time | 14 June | 16:45-18:30

Opening Remarks: Ms Flora Cresswell | Speakers: MP Irene Charalambides, Mr Marios Kiriaku, Mr Antonis Baltas | Presenter and Moderator: Dr Anna Damaskou 

Wrongdoing in both the public and the private sectors is often committed in secret for a long time, during which, however, non-involved persons may become aware of such malpractices.  It thus becomes crucial for those who know of such actions to be encouraged to report unlawful/unethical behaviour while at the same time it is vital for those who choose do so (whistle-blowers) to be afforded adequate and effective protection.  In this context, the enactment and implementation of the recent Cypriot whistleblowing law raise significant challenges, which need to be addressed by the competent national authorities and corporate professionals in the public and the private sectors , respectively.

In the fourth seminar of the Centre of Good Governance these issues are addressed through a multidimensional perspective covering both legal and practical approaches through interventions of topic experts. The event will be moderated by Dr Anna Damaskou (CFE, CAMS, CGSS, CIPP/E, CIPM – EIMF Adjunct Faculty) and the following experts will be speaking: MP Irene Charalambides (OSCE PA Vice President and Special Representative on Fighting Corruption), Mr Marios Kiriaku (Chief Compliance Officer) and Mr Antonis Baltas (Criminal Lawyer & Adjunct Faculty - University of Nicosia). Introductory Remarks will be made by Ms Flora Cresswell of Transparency International (Regional Coordinator Western Europe)

Video Recording Part 1 | Part 2


Corporate Governance Training Courses

The European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF) is offering interactive and powerful training programmes delivered by local and international industry experts. View the upcoming training courses and secure your places!

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The AGRC Certificate in Corporate Governance provides professionals with a thorough understanding of a topic that has gained increasing significance and attention amongst corporations, regulators, and researchers. At the same, the Certificate offers guidance as to how corporations can best prepare in creating solid governance structures that will help them deal with the myriad of modern-day corporate challenges and risks.


Meet The Advisory Council

Members of the CGG Council are established academics and professionals from different backgrounds who have experience and expertise in governance that expands both horizontally (i.e., covering many industries) and vertically (i.e., in-depth engagement with and specialisation on relevant issues).


The CGG also draws from the ample experience and competencies of its associates in order to secure the quality of research, training and consulting services offered. The CGG Advisory Council sets the Centre’s strategic direction. Furthermore, the Council Members are active in the organisation’s functioning. Additionally, the Centre has a broad network of Associates who are involved with its daily operations.

Dr. Anna Damaskou

Advisory Council Member

Dr. Marios Clerides

Advisory Council Member

Mr. Petros Florides

Advisory Council Member

Dr. Adonis Pegasiou

Head of Advisory Council

Dr. Christina Livada

Advisory Council Member

Mr. Marios Siathas

Advisory Council Member

Mr. Takis Taoushanis

Advisory Council Member


Working Papers

The CGG series of Working Papers aims to stimulate discussion and contribute to the advancement of governance-related knowledge through the timely exchange of ideas. Academics, policymakers and professionals are provided with a platform to get findings out quickly, covering research work in progress, policy proposals, case studies and other relevant thematic areas.

Papers should be submitted to [email protected] and categorised as policy paper or research paper.

Proposal for Governance Framework for State Organisations and State Enterprises in Cyprus (Greek Edition)

Working Paper 1 (November 2022)

Proposal for Governance Framework for State Organisations and State Enterprises in Cyprus (English Edition)

Working Paper 1 (November 2022)

Coordination in Cyprus’s Presidential System – A Mistakenly Underrated Necessity (Author Adonis Pegasiou)

Working Paper 2 (September 2023)


Latest Articles

Read the latest articles written by our industry experts and the advisory council.

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Business Ethics: Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions

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There is no one definition but Corporate Governance is without questions vital!

There is no one definition but Corporate Governance is without questions vital!

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