European Institute of Management and Finance | A New Era in Online Education
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A New Era in Online Education

14 Jul A New Era in Online Education


EIMF is dedicated to making education totally accessible by removing learning obstacles and offering a fully comprehensive eLearning experience. Professionals can enjoy easy access to a global community and attain the highest standards of knowledge or qualifications needed to be successful in their respective fields. EIMF’s approach to online learning focuses on the delivery of short and intensive learning segments referred to as Bits. The philosophy behind Bits is to provide the most efficient dissemination of information to the learner using digital media. EIMF’s aim is to provide a robust and easily scalable solution to link a range of learning segments together to create a coherent syllabus structure for a variety of subjects. EIMF’s content production philosophy combines the latest developments in instructional design with current psychological theories of knowledge acquisition.

EIMF analyses the new era in online education in the Gold Magazine. Read the full article here.

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