AAT Classroom Courses

Improve your career prospects with an AAT qualification (6)

EIMF offers classroom courses for tuition, revision and question-based days.


With a Classroom Course at EIMF you get the very best levels of support to help you achieve first time exam success. We write our own course notes which form the basis of our classroom sessions, in addition to plenty of question practice.

Tuition – What’s Included?


  • Pre-recorded online lectures covering the entire syllabus
  • Full set of course materials
  • Online progress tests and marked mock exams
  • Unrestricted support by phone and email from expert tutors

Revision – Whats Included?


  • Your choice of weekend or weekday classroom sessions
  • Access to classroom, with pre-recorded question debriefs on all key topics
  • Revision notes and question bank
  • Mock exam with marking and feedback
  • Recorded online debrief of mock exam
  • Tutor support by phone and email