Advanced Forex Trading


FX 103 – Advanced Forex Trading

Name: Comprehensive Forex Trading Course

Course Number: FX 102

Components: 4 Seminar Presentations

Course Days: Wednesdays, Saturdays

Duration: 24 hours

Prerequisite: Previous knowledge of the FX Sector

This course is for the more experienced Forex traders and it provides participants with the knowledge and skills to properly manage risk in trading currencies. This interactive course transforms your current knowledge into real world currency trading. The course combines key skill-building sessions and practical application sessions in a live market environment. The skill-building sessions deliver advanced lessons that give you an important competitive edge needed for success in the highly competitive currency trading arena. You will gain the knowledge required to build an effective rules-based strategy focused on objective market information. Learning how to use a solid set of rules to operate in the live market gives you the ability to unemotionally identify trading opportunities and execute with the precision needed for successful trading.

The program is designed to tackle all aspects of FX trading in a Live Market environment with a consistent attention to all aspects of low risk, high probability, and high reward trading opportunities within the world of currency exchange. The course focuses on both Swing and Intraday trading, showing students how to methodically plan their trades and place their orders in advance in the “set and forget” style, while also detailing and analysing the many possibilities within the FX Futures markets for Intraday trading techniques. Students will learn the mindset of a Professional Forex trader and will be guided through markets to gain confidence in developing their own objective analytical style and consistency in their performance. As an Advanced Forex Trading student, you will observe and interact with an expert trader/instructor utilizing the trading tools taught in the course to identify, execute and manage trading opportunities in real trading market situations. Ongoing continuing education is the key step in the process of becoming a successful self-directed Forex trader.

This interactive, live market environment course is for students with some level of Forex trading experience who are serious about generating income and wealth in the currency market. The course is designed to shorten the learning curve of the new Forex trader as well as sharpen the skills of the experienced market speculator.



Session 1: Scanning the market in real-time for trading opportunities.

The market is open 24/7 from five days. In this session you will learn the best approach in designing your trading strategy based on time zones and differe3nt currencies and trends

Session 2: An introduction to supply and demand

Identifying key market turning points, trends, multiple time-frame analysis and understanding the supply and demand curve

Session 3: Risk and trade management and setting targets for profits

Understand how to measure risk, how to set your targets. An analysis of odds enhancers and correlations in forex trading

Session 4: Understanding the Uses of Moving Averages and CCI

  • Confluences, Technical Indicators and further Odds Enhancers to the Trade
  • Building a Trading Plan and Journal for Performance
  • Introduction to FX Futures

Session 5: Introduction to FX futures

  • FX Futures in Practice – Execution and Trade Management
  • Recognizing Momentum, Strength and Weakness in the Market and Advanced Intraday Trade Management

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