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Author: Admeimf

05 Nov An Overview of Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation and Compliance in the Financial Services Sector

Running and managing a financial institution or any organization involved in the provision of financial services is not the simplest of tasks these days. As a result of a global push for increased financial transparency and corporate accountability, a greater number of financial regulations—GDPR, the 4th...

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13 Sep QUBE Events proudly supported by the EIMF Presents: The Financial Innovation Forum – A new era of customer-focused innovation

The International Financial Innovation Forum – 10th to 11th October 2019, Parklane Resort, Limassol – will be a two-day event themed: A New Era of Customer-Focused Innovation and is proudly supported by the European Institute of Management & Finance (EIMF). Join this elite interactive platform of...

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04 Sep The end of shareholder primacy

An article written by Dr. Adonis Pegasiou, EIMF Academic Director In recent years, private corporations have placed greater emphasis on issues of social responsibility, rethinking a long-established position of profit-maximisation solely to the benefit of their shareholders. Even more, the ‘shareholder-first’ mantra put forward fervently by...

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