What’s the Difference Between Due Diligence and an Audit?

What is the Distributed Ledger Technology Pilot Regime Regulation?

The Scope and Nature of Due Diligence in Today’s Business World

The Duties and Responsibilities of Compliance Officers

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Internal Audit

The Imperatives of Branding: Three ways to cultivate business growth and longevity

Become a Certified Crypto-asset Anti-Financial Crime Specialist (CCAS): Enhancing Expertise in the Evolving Landscape of Financial Crime Prevention

ESG, DEI and other acronyms and why we need to know about them IMHO*

Maximising Board Performance Through Training

Building Resilience in the Modern Workplace

CISI & EIMF Set a New Benchmark for the Investment Fund Sector with Launch of the Cyprus Fund Administration Certificate

Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) Investigations: Practice like a Professional

Generative Artificial Intelligence and Project Management: The Benefits and the Cautions

Introducing ‘The Directors Series’ by the Centre for Good Governance (CGG)

Mastering Transaction Monitoring: Purpose and Process

Navigating Regulatory Shifts: Key Amendments in UCITS and AIF Rules

AGRC Level 3 Certificates accredited by the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF)

Unlocking Trusts: Key Concepts, Types and Practical Realities

Μνημόνιο Συνεργασίας EIMF και Οργανισμού Νεολαίας Κύπρου

An Introduction to Loan Agreements

DAC8 marks the end to Crypto-Asset Non-Taxation

Intellectual Property-Copyright: The Challenges and Changes

ACAMS Global AFC Threats Report 2024

EIMF Partners With AGK Partners To Offer Unique Career and Educational Opportunities

2ο Συνέδριο ΜΚΟ: Κλιματική Κρίση – Ανθρωπότητα σε Κρίση

Five Essential Elements of an Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Internal Audit

Mastering AML in Cryptocurrency Compliance

Smart Contracts and the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Sector

Decoding Sanctions Evasion

Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) for Banks

How Will the Influence of AI Affect the Financial Sector in 2024?

FinTech Trends Heading in to 2024

ESG and Banking: What’s the connection?

EIMF Introduces New Master Programme in Governance, Risk and Compliance

Reflecting on a Remarkable Year at EIMF and Gearing Up for an Exciting 2024!

Sustainability and ESG: What Do Investors Want?

Workforce challenges in HR – Changes to Career Development and Internal Progression

AGRC Launches Level 3 Certificate in Risk Management

Planning for a future workforce – Work Culture and Environment

Flexible Working – Challenges and Benefits for HR Teams

What are the important steps in formulating an ESG policy

Where next? Technology and the future of HR

EIMF Roundtable Discussion on: Investing in Professional Skills as an Accelerator for Sustainable Economic Growth

How is AI already affecting the HR profession?

Environmental Investing; Carrot or Stick?

Climate Change and the ESG Agenda

How Will Digital Transformation Impact Accountants?

Considering Data Protection and Privacy (GDPR)

Cyprus Fund Industry: Navigating Regulatory Changes and Seizing Future Opportunities

What is Third Party Risk?

BoC Fintech Hackathon 4.0

K. Treppides & Co Ltd and EIMF Partner Up to Offer Complimentary Studies and Assured Long-term Employment

Emerging Compliance Risks in a Rapidly Changing World

The Crucial Role of Effective Leadership and Management in the Financial Services Sector

Navigating Risk Orientation: Unlocking People-Centric Decision-Making

Revolutionizing Crypto: The EU’s MiCA Regulation

Accounting – A Career with Potential

Modernising the EU Anti-Corruption Framework

How Technology is Revolutionizing the World of Accountancy

The Role of Technology in Streamlining Compliance Processes

Συνεργασία με το ENAVSMA Foundation για Παροχή Υποτροφίας

Navigating the Future Challenges to the Accountancy Profession

The Boardroom Challenges of Emerging Technologies and Digital Disruption

The Autumn Season is Just Around the Corner!

The Evolving Role of Internal Audit in Risk Management

The Importance of a Strong Compliance Culture in Organisations

The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Internal Audit Processes

Challenges in Eurozone’s Integrated Banking Sector

The Top Professional Qualifications for Career Advancement

Launch of the EIMF’s Academic School

Balancing Shareholder and Stakeholder Interests in Corporate Governance

EIMF Scholarships for its Newly Introduced Academic Diploma in Accounting and Financial Management

How Data is Being Used to Increase Personalisation and Customer Centricity

The Rise of Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs)

Could a Customised Programme Be For You?

EU AML Package

Fit for 55: Navigating the Changing Landscape of EU Climate Policy

EIMF Announces the Establishment of Advisory Council Comprised of World-Renowned Academics

Five Power Skills For The Coming Five Years

The Evolving European Union Banking Landscape Digital Transformation and Regulatory Compliance

Do You Have What It Takes? The Four Most Critical Skills for Successful Business Leadership Today

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) Regulatory Update

The Game-Changing EU Digitalisation Strategy For The Financial Services Sector Is Put To The Test!

Why Legal Professionals Need Soft Skills

Seven of the Top Technology Trends in Accountancy Today

An Overview of the MiCA Regulation: What you need to know!

What Are the Key Attributes for a Fund’s Success Beyond Investment Performance?

Five Reasons for Establishing a Good Speak-Up Culture

Gen Z – The Workplace’s Most Powerful Group Smarter-Faster-Better Armed for Success

Hiring the Right People for your Business Matters!

The EIMF Customer Appreciation Week

Enjoy Your Own Personal Learning Space (PLS) with EIMF

Fair Process Leadership…Why is it so Important?

Tackling Burnout: How Cyprus companies are addressing mental well-being in the workplace?

Another Eventful Year at EIMF

EIMF Receives Accreditation as a Private Institution of Higher Education

An Introduction to UpAGear: A Proven Approach for Transforming Team Performance

A Guide to Creating Effective Learning and Development (L&D) Plans for Employees

Cryptocurrencies: An Illusion or Reality?

What is the Real Reason for GDPR?

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