European Institute of Management and Finance | AML Updates: the 4th and the 5th AML Directive
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AML Updates: the 4th and the 5th AML Directive

AML Updates: the 4th and the 5th AML Directive


Flows of illicit money can damage the integrity, stability and reputation of the financial sector, and threaten the internal market of the Union as well as international development. Money laundering, terrorism financing and organised crime remain significant problems which should be addressed at Union level. In addition to further developing the criminal law approach at Union level, targeted and proportionate prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering and terrorist financing is indispensable and can produce complementary results.


The soundness, integrity and stability of credit institutions and financial institutions, and confidence in the financial system as a whole could be seriously jeopardised by the efforts of criminals and their associates to disguise the origin of criminal proceeds or to channel lawful or illicit money for terrorist purposes. In order to facilitate their criminal activities, money launderers and financers of terrorism could try to take advantage of the freedom of capital movements and the freedom to supply financial services which the Union’s integrated financial area entails. Therefore, certain coordinating measures are necessary at Union level. At the same time, the objectives of protecting society from crime and protecting the stability and integrity of the Union’s financial system should be balanced against the need to create a regulatory environment that allows companies to grow their businesses without incurring disproportionate compliance costs.



The objective of this seminar is:

  • to present the 4th and the 5th AML Directive and the relevant level 2 measures,
  • to provide guidance concerning compliance with the new requirements.



Seminar content

  • Scope of application
  • Customer Due Diligence
  • Simplified Customer Due Diligence
  • Enhanced Customer Due Diligence
  • Beneficial ownership information
  • Financial Intelligence Units
  • General compliance requirements
  • Supervision


Who should attend

  • Legal advisors
  • Compliance officers
  • AML officers