European Institute of Management and Finance | eimf Talk: Applied Product Strategy Concepts for the Insurance Sector
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eimf Talk: Applied Product Strategy Concepts for the Insurance Sector

eimf Talk: Applied Product Strategy Concepts for the Insurance Sector


What are the eimf Talk events?


eimf Talks are free training events that generate knowledge and discussions on innovative and technical know-how for the Financial and Professional Services Sectors. Through the eimf Talks, we thank the local community for their continuous support, by contributing to the strategic corporate and professional development of our region.



About this eimf Talk


Applying strategic models in the insurance business requires that companies, intermediaries and other distribution channels use customer bases and target markets to promote products that seem individually tailored to each client’s needs, by filling gaps in the marketplace, and differentiating their offerings. Innovation must be followed by constant vigilance throughout the product life cycle to ensure that needs are still being met and the competition hasn’t discovered a more popular way of doing the same thing.


This eimf Talk is primarily addressed to Insurance professionals, distribution office owners, banking professionals who administer insurance, and other related professionals who can benefit by learning to recognize the need to create a framework, listing the benefits of creating new product ideas and concepts and how to strategically manage them through the various phases of the Product Life Cycle and the Growth matrix.





Product Conceptions

  • Idea generation for new products and the development of a concept
  • Determining the target market

Managing Product Growth

  • Develop sales and continued refinement of the product
  • Introducing new customers to the market

Reaching Maturity

  • Developing something similar or lowering costs
  • Adding elements difficult for others to match.
  • More focused strategy

The Decline Phase

  • Changing existing products to meet new needs or developing new offerings to better serve the market



Who Should Attend


  • Professionals working in Insurance firms
  • Distribution channel owners (brokers, agents, advisors)
  • Bank professionals who administer insurance
  • Other professionals who are interested to know about some of the applied strategic models applicable in the insurance sector