European Institute of Management and Finance | Digital Marketing Strategy and Tactics for the Financial and Professional Services Sectors
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Digital Marketing Strategy and Tactics for the Financial and Professional Services Sectors

Digital Marketing Strategy and Tactics for the Financial and Professional Services Sectors


This training programme will consider the key considerations in digital marketing, how to build an online strategy and understand current and future trends with a specific focus on the financial sector.  It will cover multiple channels and explain how these are integrated to create successful campaigns for business growth and increased sales.


It will provide a robust framework for planning, implementing, managing and measuring integrated campaigns. Important and relevant concepts will be considered and discussed such as data driven marketing, big data, growth hacking and the Internet of Things (IOT).


The two days of training will be highly interactive and will include multiple case studies from both within the sector and externally. There will be multiple activities as well as research from around the world and the course will include a wealth of strategies, tactics, tips and resources.



Learning Outcomes


  • An in-depth understanding of how to use digital marketing and for effective and successful business growth
  • Expertise in omni-channel marketing and customer nurture to create loyal customers, advocates and influencers.
  • Knowledge of how to integrate acquisition and retention tools to deliver an efficient digital marketing strategy
  • How to use traffic-driving techniques to get more of the right people profitably to your site.
  • Gain valuable knowledge of the key differences between offline and online marketing and how online fits into a multichannel approach.
  • Learn more about online channels which are key in terms of customer acquisition, nurture, conversion and retention.
  • Learn about the factors which drive success in Digital Marketing and Sales in the Financial Sector
  • Discover ways to improve results continuously delivered by digital marketing and sales.



Training Outline and Deliverables


Knowledge in and an excellent understanding of all the following. This includes multiple planning and implementation templates that can be used and actions that can be taken both immediately and in the future.  Best practice will be considered in all the key areas of digital marketing and the use of case studies from around the world will be included.


  • The landscape in Digital Marketing
  • Key concepts for successful digital marketing in the financial sector
  • How to plan digital marketing campaigns in the financial sector
  • Audiences, segmentation and profiling
  • Changes in customer behaviour driven by digital
  • Benchmarking
  • Budgeting and resourcing in a digital world
  • Consideration of Integrated and Omni-channel marketing in the following channels:
  • Analytics, measurement and monitoring
  • Key terms and definitions
  • Data driven marketing and the use of data to optimise campaigns
  • Customer journeys, user experience and conversion rate optimisation
  • Customer Centricity in a digital world
  • Building a digital culture internally
  • Outsource, insource, co-source and working with agencies
  • Storytelling in digital marketing and the use of rich media e.g. video, audio
  • The Internet of things (IOT), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Reality (AR), machine learning and their role in digital marketing
  • The future of digital marketing in the financial sector



Who should attend


  • Professionals in the financial sector who are already in or might be in management roles where they will be managing others in digital roles and want to learn more about marketing in a digital world. These might include Department or Divisional Managers or people from within their teams.
  • Professionals in the financial sector with experience of traditional, offline marketing who wish to learn more about online channels, their strategy, implementation and measurement. These may already be Marketing Managers or people within their teams.
  • Those with some experience in digital marketing who want to learn more about different channels and how they fit together. These may be in roles such as Content Managers, PR Managers, Advertising Managers or people from within their teams.
  • People who have worked in the digital sector and would like to put their experiences into context and gain fresh approaches to working as well as learn more about digital marketing in the financial sector.