European Institute of Management and Finance | EXIN General Data Protection Foundation Certificate
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EXIN General Data Protection Foundation Certificate

This event has passed

EXIN General Data Protection Foundation Certificate


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is considered the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. The regulation protects the data of all EU subjects regardless of the country in which they reside or the platform on which their data resides.


EU Data protection law has been transformed and GDPR is now fully enforceable in the Cyprus and the rest of the world. Under GDPR, the requirements to justify and document your personal data processing are onerous and the penalties for non-compliance will be substantial.





The EXIN General Data Protection Foundation training course provides a comprehensive introduction to the GDPR’s Principles, rights terminology, and compliance mechanisms. Candidates will learn how to plan a risk adverse, change driven, continuous and well thought through compliance programme with applicable accountability management of multifaceted roles like Data Protection Officer (DPO), Data Controller, and Data Processor under the GDPR.


Our course will prepare participants for the EXIN Privacy and Data Protection Foundation Certificate exam. EXIN, founded in 1984 on an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, is the largest provider of internationally recognised ICT certification programmes.



Course Content


Privacy and data protection fundamentals & regulation


  • Definitions
  • Personal data
  • Legitimate grounds and purpose limitation
  • Further requirements for legitimate processing of personal data
  • Rights of data subjects
  • Data breach and related procedures


Organizing data protection


  • Importance of data protection for the organization
  • Supervisory authority
  • Personal data transfer to third countries
  • Binding Corporate rules and data protection in contracts


Practice of data protection


  • Data protection by design and by default related to information security
  • Data protection impact assessment (DPIA)
  • Practice related applications of the use of data, marketing and social media


Who should attend


Privacy & Data Protection Foundation is designed for all staff who need to understand data protection and the European legal requirements as defined in the GDPR. This makes it ideal for data protection officers, privacy officers, legal/compliance officers, security officers or business continuity managers.



Course bundle

Book both EXIN Foundation and Practitioner Certificate training courses & get 20% discount.



Certification and Exam


Exam is optional, and participants will receive a certificate of attendance by EIMF without sitting the relevant EXIN examinations. If you choose to take the exam you will need to inform us, so we can make necessary arrangements.


EIMF, as an EXIN Accredited Training Provider and Exam Centre, is offering preparation courses and examinations to become a Privacy & Data Protection Practitioner, starting with this Foundation Certificate.


Exam Fee: €160 + VAT

Exam Duration: 1 hour

Number of questions: 40


Download Exam Syllabus here