European Institute of Management and Finance | International Loan Documentation
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International Loan Documentation

International Loan Documentation


This intensive course will cover all aspects of a loan transaction, concentrating particularly on the agreement itself and on the legal implications of a properly drafted and incorrectly drafted document.


You will be taken step-by-step through the process of documenting a loan, from the early stages of pre-contractual issues, letters of commitment and written offers, through to administrative provisions, representations, covenants, defaults, transfer provisions, guarantees and the eventuality of insolvency.


By attending this course, you will fully understand the legal implications of a properly drafted and incorrectly drafted document.



By attending this course, you will:


  • Learn how to spot the critical issues early in any transaction
  • Understand how to best negotiate the documentation so you get the best deal possible
  • Refine your ability to deal with crucial parts of loan documentation and understand the rights and obligations of syndicate members
  • Be fully prepared for the coming regulatory changes in Cyprus with respect to Insolvency laws
  • Master the hard and soft provisions of world leading LMA loan documentation
  • Develop your understanding of how to securitize, sell or restructure bad loans





  • Negotiating loan documentation from both the financier and borrower perspectives
  • The interpretation of various clauses under common law
  • Enforceability issues and potential pitfalls in the drafting and negotiation of guarantees and letters of support
  • Different types of securities including mortgages, pledges, liens, constructive trusts, fixed and floating charges, mortgage debentures, and security over property, shares and insurance assignments
  • The implication of insolvency on the contractual rights of all parties involved



Practical, workshop sessions:


  • Syndicated Unsecured Loan
  • Issues Spotting, Negotiating and Drafting
  • Bad Loans – Restructuring and Distress Hedge Funds
  • ‘Boilerplate’ Provisions and Loan Transfers
  • Libor Funding and Broken Funding Costs



Who should attend:


  • In-house lawyers in financial institutions
  • Bankers concerned with the negotiation of loans
  • Bank executives involved in the documentation of loans
  • Lawyers in private practice who advise clients on loan agreements
  • Corporate counsel