European Institute of Management and Finance | MiFID II: Digital Media and Compliance
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MiFID II: Digital Media and Compliance

MiFID II: Digital Media and Compliance


We are living in a world where the use of different digital media is an integral part of many financial institutions’ marketing strategies and just a habit into which staff may fall. Knowing what you can and cannot do on character-limited media, communication tools where the records fade, older media such as websites is central to modern business.


This course will cover all these vital areas, but it also deals with the management of client responses to such communications, including complaint identification, recognising that most digital media permits client interaction.



Training Objectives


By the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the rules of law, advertising standards and good taste that are applicable to digital media
  • Find the rules in or made under MiFID II and look at how they apply to digital media
  • Identify when a customer response is a complaint under the ESMA/EBA guidelines
  • Develop the basics of a risk-management strategy to handling digital media issues



Training Outline



  • Materials covered
  • Basic law and MiFID principles
  • Various types of digital media


Digital media viewed by society generally

  • Law, good taste, CARO advertising code
  • Practical examples


MiFID II and associated materials

  • Image advertising
  • Fair, clear and not misleading
  • Prominence
  • Disclosure of risks
  • Unfair comparisons
  • Past performance


Other digital media issues

  • In the course of business & the association of individuals with businesses
  • Retweeting customer compliments and other things
  • Website design and layout
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Complaint identification on social media


Risk management

  • Basic approaches
  • Competent employee rule
  • Three lines of defense
  • Records



Training Style


This programme consists of an interactive presentation of the relevant rules and good practice with questions and comments to and from the participants, interrupted by a large number of practical examples, including views of twitter accounts and websites (of companies not participating).



Who Should Attend


The programme is ideal for:

  • Compliance Officers
  • Marketing Managers and Officers
  • Sales and Business Development Executives
  • IT Specialists
  • Internal Lawyers
  • Financial Consultants