European Institute of Management and Finance | Political Risk Analysis Fundamentals
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Political Risk Analysis Fundamentals

Political Risk Analysis Fundamentals


Political Risk is highly relevant and of critical importance for professionals where political events become a source of business risk. It can be defined as any risk to a company’s business objectives that results from political change and individual political decisions. This include, inter alia:


(a) Macroeconomic and social policies, including fiscal, monetary, trade, labour and industry-specific regulations.

(b) Internal/ domestic events such as government initiatives in promoting or side-lining specific industries (e.g. creation of a separate ministry for tourism is a positive development), labour unrest that may affect industrial peace, or even in more extreme cases terrorist action and coups that may threaten the political stability of a region or country.

(c) External factors and developments in the wider region that can have a direct or indirect effect on the business environment.


Understanding, projecting and mitigating such risks related to political developments is critical for the success of an organisation operating in a globalised environment.



Training Objectives


By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Identify risks related to political events
  • Assess the threats and opportunities that may arise because of political events
  • Categorise the risks according to its impact and the probability of occurrence
  • Construct a risk management policy


In addition, participants will have gained both a theoretical perspective on political risk and a practical experience through the study of cases that are relevant to Cyprus.



Training Outline


  • Defining Politics
  • Defining Risk
  • Introducing the concept of Political Risk
  • Key Political Risks
  • Political Risk Management
  • Practical Examples (Case studies that are relevant to Cyprus)



Training Style


The seminar is designed to deliver knowledge by examining the concept of political risk from both a theoretical perspective and, more importantly, from a practical perspective offering case-studies and practical examples. The teaching methodology rests on an interactive approach that will seek to engage the participants and accordingly place emphasis on those aspects/issues discussed that are deemed to have the greatest value for the participants.



Who Should Attend


  • Risk Officers
  • Strategy/Development Officers
  • Board Members, Directors and other key officials that define strategy and need to have an overall understanding of the political environment they operate in
  • Policy-makers
  • Anyone interested in understanding how political risks and opportunities can affect the business objectives of an organisation