European Institute of Management and Finance | PRINCE2® Project Management Practitioner Certification Preparation Course
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PRINCE2® Project Management Practitioner Certification Preparation Course


PRINCE2® (an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a de facto process-based method for effective project management. Used extensively by the UK Government, PRINCE2 is also widely recognized and used in the private sector, both in the UK and internationally. The PRINCE2 method is in the public domain, and offers non-proprietorial key practice guidance on project management.


This Practitioner training course combines theory and practice, working around a case study to establish a sound understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology. The course will allow delegates the opportunity to gain a wider understanding of the application of PRINCE2 in a project context by discussing and practicing the application of these skills in a facilitated environment.


At the end of the programme, participants will be in position to manage their projects by using the PRINCE2 methodology and optionally pursue the respective examination for the Practitioner level.



Training Objectives


  • Learn how to produce detailed explanations of all principles, themes and processes and worked examples of all PRINCE2 products as they might be applied to address the particular circumstances of a given project scenario
  • Understand the relationships between principles, themes and processes and PRINCE2 products
  • Appreciate the reasons behind the principles, themes and processes of PRINCE2
  • Enhance the ability to use PRINCE2 with different project circumstances



Training Style


The syllabus of this course has been based on PRINCE2® methodology which is a universal approach towards project management. The programme is designed to enhance participants’ skills in project management, but also to effectively prepare those taking the PRINCE2® Practitioner exams.



CPD Recognition


This programme may be approved for up to 21 CPD units in Project Management. Eligibility criteria and CPD Units are verified directly by your association, regulator or other bodies which you hold membership.


Professionals requiring CPD units to meet the education requirements for an occupational licence renewal, and/or for maintaining other professional memberships/certifications which accept CPD in Project Management, are advised to consider training subjects in categories that indicate  CPD in Project Management.



Who Should Attend


  • Experienced Project Managers
  • Professionals pursuing the PRINCE2® Practitioner qualification
  • Professionals who want to gain a practical methodology for managing their projects



PRINCE2® Eligibility Requirements for obtaining the Qualification (Optional):


To be eligible for the PRINCE2® Practitioner certification, candidates must meet certain requirements as described below:


Proof of passing one of the following exams is needed: PRINCE2 Foundation; Project Management Professional (PMP); Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM); IPMA Level A (Certified Projects Director); IPMA Level B (Certified Senior Project Manager); IPMA Level C (Certified Project Manager); IPMA Level D (Certified Project Management Associate)



PRINCE2® Practitioner Examination Information (Optional):


The exam format for this level is objective testing of 80 questions, 150 minutes duration with open books (official PRINCE2 manual only).


The exam can be hosted at approved test centres in Cyprus and online as presented in PEOPLECERT’s website.


The exam fee for the Practitioner level is €431, which is payable directly to the test centre of your choice.


Further information about the exam will be presented during your training at EIMF.



Maintaining the PRINCE2® credentials:


The Practitioner level requires that you resit the exam every 3 years, alternatively, attain 45 CPD units through various activities, including CPD seminars offered by EIMF.


Further information about the CPD activities will be provided during your training at EIMF.