European Institute of Management and Finance | Wealth Management Workshop (Seminar Cancelled)
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Wealth Management Workshop (Seminar Cancelled)

Wealth Management Workshop (Seminar Cancelled)


Today’s Investors could be forgiven for feeling that Wealth preservation rather than generation was now the priority. In difficult times it is more important than ever for the incumbent custodians of Client Wealth (the Investment Managers) to demonstrate their ability to understand such concerns & communicate how they intend to navigate the markets.


Many theoretical building blocks underpinning the history of Investing have been sorely tested since the Financial crisis of 2007-09. Are Markets ’efficient’? Do we live in a statistically ‘Normal’ world? What happened to ‘Risk Free Rates of Return’? These important issues will be addressed, from a practical perspective, to understand how today’s Wealth Managers deal with such challenges.


The programme will be interactive, with the emphasis on the practical rather than theoretical.





  • Understanding the importance of handling generation Y as they move ever closer to their inheritance
  • What makes a good Client Relationship Manager – Know Your Customer
  • Understanding the limitations of historical Risk Free Returns & Equity Risk


Premiums in Portfolio planning today


  • Knowledge to properly calibrate the Financial Planning process to improve the chances of meeting Client expectations
  • Thorough appreciation of how Risk is both measured & managed in a Portfolio
  • An appreciation of the impact of Behavioural Finance on today’s decision making
  • Understanding of how Alternative Investments can be used to diversify a Client Portfolio.



Course Content


  • Understanding the importance of today’s Client Relationship Managers
  • Wealth Management Products and Services
  • Modern Portfolio Theory and Efficient Markets – still relevant today?
  • The impact of Behavioural Finance on Investing Strategies
  • An Introduction to Exchange Traded Funds – the new Investing Paradigm
  • Portfolio Construction in Practice for a High Net Worth Client
  • Risk Measurement and Management across the Investable Universe
  • Alternative Investments – A natural choice for High Net Worth Clients?



Who should attend


  • Private Client Relationship Managers
  • New joiners into Wealth Management forms
  • Research Analysts & junior Portfolio Managers
  • Fin Tech professionals selling solutions into Wealth Management firms
  • Regulators with responsibility for Wealth Managers