European Institute of Management and Finance | Essential Financial Services – Comprehensive FX Course
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Essential Financial Services – Comprehensive FX Course

Essential Financial Services – Comprehensive FX Course


The Comprehensive Course in Technical Analysis is a 40-hours course designed for all forex professionals concerned with knowing the tools of the trade in order to find the precise moment to enter and exit a trading position in any financial instrument. The course will examine all major technical analysis tools with the appropriate risk and money management techniques to develop an effective trading strategy. By looking at a variety of real-time trading examples this workshop will enhance their ability to choose the correct indicators to analyse and predict any market in the world. By the end of the seminar, all participants will be awarded EIMF’s Certificate of successful completion.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Comprehend and appreciate the value of Technical Analysis in the financial markets.
  • Understand the inner-workings of major technical analysis tools.
  • Identify turning points in the markets.
  • Use a systematic approach to generate entry and exit signals.
  • Apply trend indicators to confirm signals.
  • Understand the risks they take and limit their capital drawdown.
  • Understand behavioral finance and human psychology in trading the markets.
  • Use technical analysis to analyze any market in the world.
  • Hold a professional conversation with forex investors.
  • Be confident when interacting with clients.


DATES: 8 Seminar Presentations (30/06/2015 - 24/07/2015)

DURATION: 40 Hours

LOCATION: Limassol

TIME: See timetable below

FEES: €391 with HRDA Subsidy, OR, €900 + VAT without HRDA Subsidy

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