Finance and Economics Summer School

In an ever-changing and uncertain economic environment, growing into adulthood is not an easy task. Independence, knowledge, and experience are considered vital for young individuals in order to be prepared for challenges and responsibilities that maturity brings. The increased independence that comes with adulthood brings about challenges and responsibilities that young people are often unprepared to meet effectively.


Getting ready to join the University of their choice, they will soon face the prospect of independence and of how to manage their finances, how to deal with the daily grind, and being constantly inundated with financial and professional choices and decisions. As such, no matter what career young people decide on, financial literacy is a paramount skill a young adult should have.

Build New Skills

Enhance their Accounting and Finance Skills

Complete Tasks More

Effectively and Efficiently

Upgrade their performance during their University time 

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The School is open to young, ambitious and forward-looking students who are ready for a two-week training that will help them get introduced to the world of accounting and finance and have a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into what a career in this sector looks like.


The School combines quality education with fun and educational activities which guarantee to offer a once-in- a-lifetime experience! Furthermore, obtaining the Certificate of Successful Completion of the EIMF Summer School can be a useful academic and personal recommendation towards their future schooling.[/vc_cta]

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EIMF Summer School is for energetic and ambitious young and adolescences high school students of public and private schools, 16 to 18 years old.

Session 1:  2 July – 13 July 2018

Session 2: 16 July – 27 July 2018

Classes, business games, site visits to companies operating in financial sector, presentations, guest speakers, challenges, case studies, fair play, simulations, team work, and fun activities.


Additional Information

Max. Students per class 18-20  Language English


General course schedule 

5 daily lessons of 45 minutes will take place within the following possible time slots:  09:00 until 14:30


Required minimum language knowledge 

Level 2 Low intermediate level of English

Certificate Participants will receive an attendance certificate by the EIMF


Summer School Cost for two weeks

The cost of the program is €600 and is payable at the registration of the participant. This cost covers the classes, the presentations, and lunch.


Registration fee: €25

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