Nicholas Blain

Nicholas graduated with a maths degree from Queens’ College, Cambridge in 1990. He qualified as a chartered accountant with Price Waterhouse (now PwC) then joined Ernst & Young as a management consultant, specialising in emerging markets banking sectors. Nicholas spent a few years in investment banking with ING Barings before realising that teaching financial markets was as much fun as working in them.

He has taught classes for financial markets and the CFA® Program since 2001, including three years based in Singapore, and has presented in places as diverse as Johannesburg, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, Zurich and Dublin.

As chief executive of Quartic he is proud to have built a business founded on quality of tuition and excellence of client service.

Outside class Nicholas is treasurer of an investment partnership, successfully disproving theories of market efficiency. His guru is Warren Buffett, who is on a distant corner of Nicholas’ family tree.

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