Roger Miles

Dr Roger Miles advises corporate Boards on effective governance of behavioural risks, including regulated Conduct and Culture Audits.  He heads the UK financial sector’s Conduct Academy.


Following audit training with PwC in London, he led stakeholder engagement programmes for brands including Barclays and Vodafone, ran banking sector advocacy groups in Westminster and Brussels, and Risk Communications in two HM Government Departments.


His current commissions include in-person behavioural research studies of Board engagement with the Senior Managers Conduct control regime, among Directors of regulated financial firms; and developing predictive behaviour-analytic tools with leading ‘reg techs’.  He continues (since 2015) to manage a sector-wide initiative involving more than 250 financial firms, to design generic dashboards for reporting Conduct, Culture and Reputation Risk, as now required by behavioural regulators.


He is a Doctor of Risk (King’s College London) (specialist fields: social psychology of risk perception; organisational behaviour; regulatory design), visiting lecturer and research associate at Cambridge University (Judge Business School).  His PhD research (2005 – 10) into the psychology of “behaviour risk” and banks’ failure to grasp it, accurately predicted the creation and subsequent agenda of Conduct regulators in the UK and worldwide.


His commentaries on the new landscape of behavioural regulation are published globally by Thomson Reuters.  He co-edits the Dictionary of Key Terms in the annual Behavioral Economics Guides (LSE).  His bestselling book, Conduct Risk Management: A behavioural approach (Kogan Page, 2017) gives financial firms’ general managers a plain language guide to reporting on behavioural risk.

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