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Centre for Good Governance

The CGG aims to contribute to a more efficient and transparent public sector, a more fair, productive, and just corporate world, and one where businesses and public organisations operate effectively and interact constructively to pursue their goals in a sustainable manner, by considering the interests of all stakeholders and society at large.


The Governing Principles of CGG

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The Strategic Areas of Focus

 – Good Governance

 – Comparative Review of Governance Models

 – Corporate Board Effectiveness: Roles, Responsibilities, Composition, Leadership

 – Corporate Governance Manuals

 – Business Ethics and Integrity

 – Green Finance and Sustainability

 – Applicable Legal and Regulatory Frameworks


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''Understanding How ESG Risks Affect Enterprise Value''

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Corporate Governance Training Courses

The European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF) is offering interactive and powerful training programmes delivered by local and international industry experts. View the upcoming training courses and secure your places!

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The Association of Governance, Risk & Compliance (AGRC) is the fastest growing global community of GRC professionals. AGRC is a place for knowledge-exchange, professional networking and idea incubation.

Certificate in Corporate Governance

self-paced elearning course

The AGRC Certificate in Corporate Governance provides professionals with a thorough understanding of a topic that has gained increasing significance and attention amongst corporations, regulators, and researchers. At the same, the Certificate offers guidance as to how corporations can best prepare in creating solid governance structures that will help them deal with the myriad of modern-day corporate challenges and risks.


Meet The Advisory Council

Members of the CGG Council are established academics and professionals from different backgrounds who have experience and expertise in governance that expands both horizontally (i.e., covering many industries) and vertically (i.e., in-depth engagement with and specialisation on relevant issues).


The CGG also draws from the ample experience and competencies of its associates in order to secure the quality of research, training and consulting services offered. The CGG Advisory Council sets the Centre’s strategic direction. Furthermore, the Council Members are active in the organisation’s functioning. Additionally, the Centre has a broad network of Associates who are involved with its daily operations.

Dr. Marios Clerides

Advisory Council Member

Dr. Anna Damaskou

Advisory Council Member

Mr. Petros Florides

Advisory Council Member

Dr. Christina Livada

Advisory Council Member

Dr. Adonis Pegasiou

Head of Advisory Council

Mr. Marios Siathas

Advisory Council Member

Mr. Takis Taoushanis

Advisory Council Member


Working Papers

The CGG series of Working Papers aims to stimulate discussion and contribute to the advancement of governance-related knowledge through the timely exchange of ideas. Academics, policymakers and professionals are provided with a platform to get findings out quickly, covering research work in progress, policy proposals, case studies and other relevant thematic areas.

Papers should be submitted to [email protected] and categorised as policy paper or research paper.

Proposal for Governance Framework for State Organisations and State Enterprises in Cyprus (Greek Edition)

Working Paper 1 (November 2022)

Proposal for Governance Framework for State Organisations and State Enterprises in Cyprus (English Edition)

Working Paper 1 (November 2022)


Latest Articles

Read the latest articles written by our industry experts and the advisory council.

Business Ethics: Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions

Business Ethics: Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions

“Business ethics” is portrayed as a matter of resolving conflicts in which one option appears to be the clear choice.

There is no one definition but Corporate Governance is without questions vital!

There is no one definition but Corporate Governance is without questions vital!

In recent months, there have been increasing concerns, both at the national and international level, as to how banks can better manage the excess liquidity in the system.
So, let us first take a short journey through 2021!

Key Trends in Corporate Governance

Key Trends in Corporate Governance

In a recent article in the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance (Link), global and regional trends in Corporate Governance were reviewed. This has been based on the yearly review by Russell Reynolds Associates (Link) who interviewed over 40 relevant global actors and asked…

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