European Institute of Management and Finance | Upcoming Seminars
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Upcoming Seminars

We structure our training courses, workshops and seminars to consist of a balanced combination of theory and practice. The theoretical component is provided by renowned academics with extensive research profiles, while successful representatives of industry, commerce and the financial services sector, with exceptional teaching abilities, cover the more practical aspects of each course.


Our training courses, workshops and seminars, are offered at locations that our convenient for our clients and that have facilities that meet the needs of the participants.  The system of knowledge control we apply in our exam preparation and professional courses allows our instructors to monitor each participant’s progress and act accordingly.  This also provides participants with details on his or her strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to take timely measures to improve their performance.

You can also download our calendar of upcoming courses in PDF form here.

Course Schedule

Start DateCourse TitleLocationCPD UnitsStatus
04 SeptemberCRS and FATCANicosia6COMPLETED
14 September MiFID II: Navigating the Regulatory and Operational Implementation Challenges & Best Execution
18 SeptemberEXIN General Data Protection Foundation Certificate LimassolCOMPLETED
18 SeptemberA Revisit to the Market Abuse RegimeNicosia6COMPLETED
18 September Alternative Investment Funds (AIF), AIFMD, and Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS)Nicosia6COMPLETED
20 SeptemberPrevention and Suppression of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Seminar Nicosia6ONGOING
26 SeptemberCISI Risk in Financial Services Limassol5UPCOMING
27 SeptemberMiFID II Implementation Challenges and Investor ProtectionNicosia14UPCOMING
03 October CRS and FATCALimassol6UPCOMING
03 OctoberInvestment Fund Administration, Operations & Custody LimassolUPCOMING
03 OctoberCySEC Advanced Examination Preparation CourseNicosia32UPCOMING
04 OctoberPayments Services Directive 2 (PSD2) & Instant PaymentsNicosia6UPCOMING
05 October CISI International Introduction to Securities and Investment LimassolUPCOMING
09 OctoberInternational Loan DocumentationNicosiaUPCOMING
11 October EXIN General Data Protection Foundation Certificate NicosiaUPCOMING
16 OctoberMiFID II Product Governance/ Suitability & Appropriateness Limassol6UPCOMING
17 October New Market Abuse Regime on WhistleblowingLimassol5UPCOMING
18 OctoberMiFIR: An Exploration of Transaction ReportingLimassol5UPCOMING
19 OctoberCISI Global Financial Compliance Certificate Limassol5UPCOMING
20 OctoberCAMS Examination Preparation Course: Become a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist Nicosia14UPCOMING
23 OctoberΠωλήσεις Χρηματοδοτικών Προϊόντων – Ποιοτική ΕξυπηρέτησηNicosiaUPCOMING
24 OctoberDirectors and Officers Insurance:
Professional Indemnity, Liability and Cyber Risks
25 OctoberΕξυπηρέτηση Πελατείας
Το Κλειδί Για Μια Επιτυχημένη Πώληση
25 October Presenting to Persuade – Impact and InfluenceLimassolUPCOMING
26 OctoberThe Law Firm as a Commercial EnterpriseLimassolUPCOMING
27 OctoberCySEC Regulatory Fundamentals: Overview of the Investment Services SectorLimassol5UPCOMING
30 OctoberFoundation of Investment and TradingLimassolUPCOMING
31 October Anti-Money Laundering Fundamentals and Regulatory Overview, Current Laws and AMLD4Nicosia10UPCOMING
31 OctoberMiFID II: Product Governance Requirements Nicosia6UPCOMING
01 November MiFID II: Handling Client Complaints and Treating Clients Fairly for the Financial Services SectorNicosia10UPCOMING
01 NovemberGlobal Tax For ShippingLimassolUPCOMING
02 NovemberAnti-Corruption In The Shipping Industry LimassolUPCOMING
03 NovemberThe super MLCO – from theory to practice Nicosia5UPCOMING
06 November Understanding and Negotiating ISDA Master Agreement OTC Documentation LimassolUPCOMING
06 November The new European regulatory framework Market Abuse (MAD II and MAR)Nicosia6UPCOMING
07 NovemberCySEC Examination Preparation Course (Basic)Nicosia24UPCOMING
07 NovemberAML 4th DirectiveNicosia6UPCOMING
08 NovemberBlockchain: Facts, Fables and Functional ApplicationsNicosiaUPCOMING
08 NovemberFinance for Legal Professionals and Non-Financial ManagersLimassolUPCOMING
13 November MiFID II: Navigating the Regulatory and Operational Implementation Challenges & Best ExecutionLimassol10FULL
13 NovemberEXIN General Data Protection Foundation Certificate NicosiaUPCOMING
15 NovemberMiFID II: An Exploration of the new Directive – Introducing the New Safeguarding Assets RegimeLimassol5UPCOMING
15 NovemberCISI International Certificate in Wealth and Investment Management (ICWIM)NicosiaUPCOMING
15 NovemberShip Operations: Safety, Accident Prevention, Investigation and AnalysisLimassolUPCOMING
16 NovemberFraud and Corruption Auditing:
Fraud and Corruption Detection, Prevention and Deterrence
20 NovemberCRD IV Workshop for Risk Managers, Compliance Officers, Internal Auditors and CFOs Limassol14UPCOMING
21 November Directors Development CertificateNicosia10UPCOMING
27 NovemberBusiness Tax Fundamentals NicosiaUPCOMING
28 November CySEC Advanced Examination Preparation CourseLimassol32UPCOMING
28 November Ship Vetting and AuditingLimassolUPCOMING
29 November Effective Written Communications for Compliance, Risk and Internal Audit ProfessionalsLimassolUPCOMING
29 November Basic Ship Superintendence SkillsLimassolUPCOMING
30 November Effective Communication in the Shipping IndustryLimassolUPCOMING
01 DecemberRisk Based Anti-Money LaunderingNicosia5UPCOMING
04 December Pillar II Risk Management Framework: ICAAP Nicosia5UPCOMING
06 December Investment Fund Operations & Administration NicosiaUPCOMING
07 December Cyber Security: an overview of the global landscape, the defence strategies and the GDPRLimassolUPCOMING
07 DecemberInvestor Protection, Sales, and the Regulatory EnvironmentNicosia6UPCOMING
08 DecemberMiFID II – an OverviewNicosia5UPCOMING
11 DecemberCRS and FATCANicosia5UPCOMING
11 DecemberCompliance in the Financial Services Sector – the Compliance Function in PracticeLimassolUPCOMING
12 DecemberAlternative Investment Funds (AIF) and Undertakings in Collective Investment Transferable Securities Nicosia6UPCOMING
14 DecemberCISI Risk in Financial Services CertificateNicosia5UPCOMING
18 DecemberCorporate Governance of Credit Institutions and Investment Firms pursuant to the EU regulatory frameworkLimassol5UPCOMING
19 DecemberThe new European regulatory framework on Market Abuse Limassol5UPCOMING