European Institute of Management and Finance | Upcoming Seminars
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Upcoming Seminars

We structure our training courses, workshops and seminars to consist of a balanced combination of theory and practice. The theoretical component is provided by renowned academics with extensive research profiles, while successful representatives of industry, commerce and the financial services sector, with exceptional teaching abilities, cover the more practical aspects of each course.


Our training courses, workshops and seminars, are offered at locations that our convenient for our clients and that have facilities that meet the needs of the participants.  The system of knowledge control we apply in our exam preparation and professional courses allows our instructors to monitor each participant’s progress and act accordingly.  This also provides participants with details on his or her strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to take timely measures to improve their performance.

To view our Calendar of courses commencing January 2018 please click here.

Course Schedule

Start DateCourse TitleLocationCPD UnitsStatus
15 FebruaryBusiness Tax FundamentalsNicosiaCOMPLETED
20 FebruaryAML Series: KYC and Customer Due Diligence for Investment FirmsLimassol5COMPLETED
20 FebruaryAML Series: AML FundamentalsNicosia6COMPELETED
27 FebruaryInvestment Fund Operations & AdministrationNicosia 5COMPLETED
3 MarchAML Series: CAMS Examination Preparation Course: Become a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS AML Series)Nicosia14COMPLETED
5 MarchAsset SecuritisationNicosia5COMPLETED
6 MarchCySEC Advanced Examination Preparation CourseNicosia32COMPLETED
7 MarchCRD IV for Investment Firms and BanksLimassol14COMPLETED
14 MarchClient Identification and KYC Process as Part of an Effective Audit PlanNicosia5COMPLETED
TBABlockchain: Facts, Fables and Functional ApplicationsLimassolUPCOMING
21 MarchUnderstanding the role and responsibilities of the depository under AIF, UCITS and AIFLNPsNicosia5COMPLETED
22 MarchEXIN General Data Protection Foundation CertificateNicosia10ONGOING
22 MarchMiFID II/PRIIPs: Investor Protection, Product Governance and Promotion of Investment ProductsLimassol15ONGOING
23 MarchDirectors Roles and ResponsibilitiesLimassol5ONGOING
26 MarchEXIN General Data Protection Practitioner CertificateLimassol15UPCOMING
27 MarchOverview of the Cyprus Fund Sector: A legal Operational ApproachNicosia5UPCOMING
28 MarchAML Series: Risk Based AML and ComplianceLimassol5UPCOMING
28 MarchCII Award in Financial PlanningNicosiaUPCOMING
2 AprilCISI Risk in Financial ServicesLimassolUPCOMING
11 AprilMethods and Techniques for a Successful Internal AuditLimassolUPCOMING
13 AprilDirectors and Officers Insurance:Professional Indemnity, Liability and Cyber RisksLimassolUPCOMING
13 AprilCySEC Regulatory Fundamentals: Overview of the Investment Services SectorNicosia5UPCOMING
16 AprilCySEC and Investment Professionals CPD Series: Financial Promotion, Handling Complaints and Treating Clients FairlyLimassol15UPCOMING
16 AprilAML 4th DirectiveNicosia6UPCOMING
17 AprilEXIN General Data Protection Foundation CertificateNicosia10UPCOMING
17 AprilCySEC Advanced Examination Preparation CourseLimassol32UPCOMING
19 AprilInstitutional Portfolio ManagementNicosiaUPCOMING
23 AprilInstitutions for Occupational Retirement Provision (IORP I & II): The EU and Cyprus DirectivesNicosia6UPCOMING
23 AprilFund Administration A to ZNicosia6UPCOMING
23 AprilMarket Abuse – A comprehensive guideLimassol5UPCOMING
24 AprilTransaction ReportingLimassol 5UPCOMING
24 AprilCII Award in Investment Planning
26 AprilSolvency II & Insurance Distribution Directive IDDNicosiaUPCOMING
TBACII Award in General InsuranceNicosiaUPCOMING
2 MayPlanning our Audit Engagement in Accordance with ISA Requirements-Key ConsiderationsNicosiaUPCOMING
8 MayLeading and Managing in the Services Sector NicosiaUPCOMING
10 MayRegulation (EU) 2017/1131 on Money Market FundsNicosiaUPCOMING
10 MayEffective Written Communications for Compliance, Risk and Internal Audit ProfessionalsNicosiaUPCOMING
12 MayProspectus Law and Public TakeoversNicosiaUPCOMING
14 MayEXIN General Data Protection Practitioner CertificateNicosia15UPCOMING
14 MayFinancial Product Governance and Product DevelopmentLimassol5UPCOMING
15 MaySafeguarding Clients AssetsLimassol5UPCOMING
16 MayCISI Global Financial Compliance CertificateNicosia10UPCOMING
17 MayDirectors Roles and ResponsibilitiesNicosia5UPCOMING
17 MayPacked Retail and Insurance-based Investment ProductsNicosiaUPCOMING
17 MayUnderstanding and Negotiating ISDA Master Agreement OTC DocumentationNicosiaUPCOMING
17 MayCertified ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Training Foundation CourseNicosia14UPCOMING
18 MayCorporate Governance of Credit Institutions and Investment Firms pursuant to the EU regulatory framework Nicosia6UPCOMING
19 MayAML 4th DirectiveNicosia6UPCOMING
21 MayProduct Governance Requirements, Suitability and AppropriatenessNicosia10UPCOMING
22 MayCySEC Advanced Examination Preparation CourseNicosia32UPCOMING
23 MayPillar II Risk Management Framework: ICAAPNicosia 5UPCOMING
23 MayHandling Clients ComplaintsNicosia6UPCOMING
29 MayAlternative Investment Funds (AIF), AIFMD, and Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS)Nicosia6UPCOMING
30 MayAudit Quality: Monitoring Results and Preparing for Audit ReviewNicosiaUPCOMING
31 May CISI International Introduction to Securities and InvestmentLimassolUPCOMING
4 JuneCertified Information Privacy Professional/EuropeNicosiaUPCOMING
5 JuneCISI International Certificate in Wealth and Investment ManagementNicosiaUPCOMING
6 JuneCertified Information Privacy ManagerNicosiaUPCOMING
6 JuneClient Identification and KYC Process as Part of an Effective Audit PlanNicosia5UPCOMING
6 JuneKYC and Customer Due Diligence for Investment FirmsNicosia5UPCOMING
9 JuneAML series: CAMS Examination Preparation Course: Become a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS)Nicosia 14UPCOMING
11 JuneEXIN General Data Protection Practitioner CertificateNicosia15UPCOMING
14 JuneCompliance in the Financial Services Sector – the Compliance Function in PracticeLimassol10UPCOMING
14 JuneCISI Risk in Financial ServicesNicosiaUPCOMING
14 JuneEU Cross-Borders Mergers WorkshopNicosiaUPCOMING
18 JuneFinance and Accounting for Non-Financial ProfessionalsNicosiaUPCOMING
28 JuneCreative Decision Making and Problem SolvingNicosiaUPCOMING
28 JuneAudit Report WritingNicosia6UPCOMING