Research Strategy

Research Strategy

EIMF’s research strategy aims to back the Institute’s mission and vision statements by supporting activities that will:

 – achieve high quality publications in reputable international journals

 – be integrated in the programmes of study, where possible, and thus enhance the quality of teaching

 – be promoted through public events that will allow for dissemination of knowledge, directed both to the financial and professional services sectors but also to society at large   

Research Objectives Implementation

In implementing its research objectives, EIMF promotes an interdisciplinary research approach that covers the areas related to Finance, Regulation, Corporate Governance, ESG, Risk and Compliance. This allows faculty members that come from different academic backgrounds to engage in common research projects.


The Research Committee has a clear mandate that oversees that:


Credible publications and participation in international conferences are considered a pre-requisite for career advancement in the Institute.


Internal funding is made available for the academic staff to pursue research-related activities.

EIMF Research Office

The EIMF Research Office is directed by the Research Officer, who reports to the Research Committee. The main aim of the Research Office is to contribute to the promotion of research by improving EIMF’s research outputs and performance.  More specifically, the EIMF Research Office:

Monitors & disseminates

available funding opportunities from national, European and international agencies

Upon request

provides accurate and tailored information and support to EIMF’s faculty

Promotes opportunities

for increased involvement in research activities and networking with other research centres

consultation & support

during the submission of research proposals, administrative and financial management of awarded research projects

Facilitates the needs

of the EIMF research community by providing guidance for further improving their research skills

Enhances the visibility

EIMF staff and the dissemination of knowledge (including the use of social media)

EIMF Research Centres

Centre for Good Governance (CGG)

The CGG aims to contribute to a more efficient and transparent public sector, a more fair, productive, and just corporate world, and one where businesses and public organisations operate effectively and interact constructively to pursue their goals in a sustainable manner, by considering the interests of all stakeholders and society at large.