In-House Training

In-House Training

Customized to Match Your Learning Needs


We understand that each organization has its unique structure, learning objectives, professional and executive education needs and technical expertise requirements. We also understand what a professional training programme needs to be: concise, customized, interactive, flexible, highly practical and enjoyable!


Our expert faculty is committed to designing and delivering in-house programmes tailored to the specific needs of the organisation, whether these be finance or technical training, or for the development of leadership, and managerial skills.  EIMF assures that your organization will be offered excellence at your own convenience!


We offer a wide range of customized in-house professional training solutions for finance and non-finance professionals working at entry, mid-career and senior levels.  Any of our open courses, as well as other specialised topics can be offered in-house at your own premises and convenience.


Our in-house training content will certainly include current issues and pertinent examples. Our professional trainers have global expertise and bring on board a wealth of knowledge and experience. We provide participants with ample opportunity to discuss trending topics, learn from in-depth case studies, and become involved in team-building exercises.


The in-house training programmes may also be eligible for HRDA subsidy.

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