EIMF has submitted its application for the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) in January 2024 and the application is currently being considered.


Pending approval of the application submitted and as part of better preparing for the management of future Erasmus+ actions, EIMF has made the following arrangements:


1. The Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS) and the ECHE Charter will be uploaded on this webpage once the review of the application is concluded, and the response is positive.


2. All the available policies and procedures that will guide EIMF students and staff in participating in Erasmus+ activities will become available via this website.


3. A separate Erasmus Office has been established under the International Office of EIMF. The details of the Erasmus Office and the assigned officer may be found below.

Erasmus Officer

Contact Details

Ms Maria Argyridou

 +357 22 274470

E  m[email protected]

Erasmus Office

The Erasmus+ Office is responsible for coordinating and managing the EIMF’s participation in the Erasmus+ programme. It plays a crucial role in facilitating international mobility opportunities for students, staff, and faculty; handling the “Before, During and After” administration; and promoting cooperation between EIMF and other European institutions. The key duties and responsibilities of the Erasmus+ Office include:


Communication with the Institute for the Management of European Programmes (IDEP) (Ίδρυμα Διαχείρισης Ευρωπαϊκών Προγραμμάτων (ΙΔΕΠ) Δια Βίου Μάθησης)

The Office is responsible for establishing and maintaining communication with the national agency in Cyprus that handles Erasmus+ Programmes.


Programme Coordination

The Erasmus+ Office is responsible for overall coordination and management of EIMF's participation in the Erasmus+ programme. It cooperates closely with other units and departments (academic and administrative) to ensure smooth implementation.


Student Mobility

The office organises student mobility opportunities, allowing students to explore the possibility of studying abroad at partner institutions within the EU. This includes managing the application process, selection criteria, to track mobility activities, to prepare and track documents to be signed by the Academic Director, and academic recognition of study credits earned abroad.


Staff Mobility

It facilitates staff mobility, allowing EIMF faculty and administrative staff to participate in teaching, training, or job shadowing activities at partner institutions or other organisations within the EU.


Partner Relations

The Erasmus+ Office establishes and maintains relationships with partner institutions across the EU. It works to expand the network of partner universities and foster collaboration opportunities.


Promotion and Outreach

The office promotes the Erasmus+ program within the EIMF community, encouraging students and staff to participate. It organises informational sessions, workshops, and promotional events to raise awareness about the program.


Application and Selection Process

It assists students and staff in the application and selection process for Erasmus+ mobility opportunities. This involves providing guidance on eligibility criteria, application requirements, and deadlines.


Pre-departure and On-arrival Support

The Erasmus+ Office provides pre-departure orientation for outgoing students and staff, offering information on the host country, culture, and practical matters. It also supports incoming students and staff with on-arrival orientation and settling in the host country.


Academic Recognition

The office ensures that credits earned during Erasmus+ mobility are recognised and transferred appropriately to the students' academic transcripts.


Financial Management

The office coordinates with the finance department over the financial aspects of the Erasmus+ programme, including student and staff grants, budget management, and reporting to the European Commission.


Monitoring and Evaluation

The Erasmus+ Office tracks the outcomes and impact of the programmes, assessing the effectiveness of mobility activities and identifying areas for improvement.


Quality Assurance

The office ensures that EIMF's Erasmus+ activities align with the programme's quality assurance principles and meet the EU's standards for higher education mobility.


Inter-Institutional Agreements

The office negotiates and manages Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreements with partner institutions, outlining the terms of cooperation and mobility opportunities.


Dissemination of Results

The Erasmus+ Office coordinates with the Communications Office for the sharing success stories, experiences, and outcomes of Erasmus+ participants to promote the benefits of the programme and inspire others to participate.

By fulfilling these duties and responsibilities, the Erasmus+ Office plays a crucial role in fostering internationalisation, promoting cross-cultural understanding, and enhancing the quality of education and professional development opportunities within the EIMF community.

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