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For the very first time, the two leading Consulting firms for the Financial Services sector, K. Treppides & Co and MAP S.Platis, are coming together for the must- attend event of the year. Presented by the management of both groups, the leading experts in the sector will offer their insights on the burning matter of the immediate future for the Cyprus Financial Services.


This Breakfast Briefing comes at an important moment in the Financial Services Sector in Cyprus, with the Regulator imposing strict measures to promote investor protection, higher level of services provision and better practices from Cyprus Financial Services Firms.


The regulatory environment is due for a large revamp with the implementation of various upcoming regulatory frameworks that govern the provision of Investment Services, Payment Services, Market Abuse and more.


As such, participants will attain a firsthand insight, both from the regulator, and from two of the most established consultants in the sector, on what the next day holds.


The event is organized by the European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF), the leading experts in the provision of professional education and training in the sector.

The session is addressed to all members of the Financial Services Sector, and especially to CySEC Regulated Entities.