The European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF) is an education and training institute founded in 2014 and headed by executive education expert, Mr. Marios Siathas. The founders recognized the need to create a new institution to provide a dynamic learning environment that will critically engage with the business community. The combined global expertise of the founders and management of EIMF in the academic, financial, and information technology areas, their reach to the business community and their commitment to excellence makes the EIMF a trusted and transformative partner of choice in developing lasting and meaningful ties with individuals and organizations.


The EIMF is committed to helping people and organizations in realizing their intellectual, social and financial potential.  It does that by offering outstanding training and development programmes, consulting and other learning activities undertaken by fundamental principles of responsible customer service. We help in developing people that are able to make effective and responsible contribution to their organization that will maximize the benefit to both.


The EIMF offers a unique and diverse experience to each participant. We have created a large portfolio of learning and development programmes and we constantly update them to meet the changing market needs. We want to make sure that participants can take advantage of our programmes through classroom or online training when they need them. We strive to satisfy the developmental needs of busy professionals making sure that every programme is tailored to their needs in terms of content and delivery.


The EIMF will uphold the following values:


Excellence – delivering the highest standards in all of our activities

Innovation – developing new programmes and incorporating new teaching methods

Service – satisfying our clients’ needs at both the individual and organizational levels

Flexibility – being open to suggestions and soliciting input from our clients and other stakeholders

Cooperation – remain open to cooperation with other organizations and individuals

Community – offer access to free services such as learning and development, recruitment advice and services to any individual in need or associations