European Institute of Management and Finance | CISI Investment Operations Certificate
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CISI Investment Operations Certificate

Widely acknowledged as the most appropriate qualification for staff working in the administration and operations areas of the financial services industry, the IOC is taken by 10,000 candidates each year. It offers an overview of the financial services industry and its regulation, and incorporates a range of examinations that represent different technical activities within the industry.

Previously known as the Investment Administration Qualification (IAQ), this certification serves as a qualifying stage for candidates who aspire to noteworthy careers in a financial institution. The objective of this qualification is to prepare the individuals for their duties and responsibilities in their future work assignments, making sure that they can function well and measure up to the expectations of the industry. Developed by industry practitioners, this certification aims to set the standards in the work place.

How to obtain the IOC

The IOC is achieved by passing 3 examinations:

  • The International Introduction to Securities and Investment introductory paper
  • A Local Regulatory Paper (e.g. CySEC Examinations)
  • A Technical CISI Unit


Study at the right level for you

If you’re unsure which qualification level to study our helpful advisors can advise you. Call us on 2227 4470 – our lines are open Monday to Friday 08.30-17.00.

Once you begin your studies it is easy to switch to a different level if you are finding the course too hard or too easy.

When are the exams

Each unit is examined by multiple choice. The exams are administered via computer-based testing and run throughout the year. For more information visit

What is on the syllabus

To gain the IOC you’ll need to complete successfully:

And a local regulatory exam paper, PLUS one technical module

Or two technical modules.

The technical modules offered by the EIMF are:


How much work is required? 

The CISI recommend 80-100 hours of study time per unit.  The required study time is reduced if a course is attended