European Institute of Management and Finance | CySEC Advanced Examination Preparation Course
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CySEC Advanced Examination Preparation Course

CySEC Advanced Examination Preparation Course


The current course will cover all material preparing participants for their success at the Advanced or Basic Level Examination based on the most recent syllabus, which requires a very good knowledge of the Cyprus and European legal framework on the capital markets, and concerns persons who wish to be certified for the provision of the following Investment Services:


Persons who pass the Advanced Exam can hold positions in all investment services functions in CIFs, while persons who pass the Basic Exam can provide or perform the investment services of reception and transmission of orders and execution of orders within a Cypriot Investment Firm. Moreover, the advanced or basic exam allows people who work in a UCITS Management Company or a VCIC that manages UCITS to provide the service of marketing the units.



Target Audience of the EIMF CySEC Exams Preparation Course


  • Existing and prospective executives and supervisors of Banks, Cypriot Investment Firms (CIFs) as well as UCITS and AIF managers
  • Existing and prospective employees of Banks, CIFs as well as UCITS and AIF managers responsible for the provision of investment services
  • Compliance Officers, Internal Auditors, Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officers and Risk Managers of Banks, Cypriot Investment Firms (CIFs) as well as UCITS and AIF managers



Exam and Course Content


The assessment structure of the Advanced Qualification is a 90 minute examination consisting of 70 multiple choice questions and covers the following elements:


  • Investment Services and Activities and regulated markets law (MiFID II) Scope/Powers/Offences
  • Cypriot Investment Firms
  • Cypriot Investment Firms and Banks
  • Open-Ended Undertakings for Collective Investment Laws
  • Alternative Investments
  • The Business of Credit Institutions Laws of 1997–2016
  • The Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Laws
  • Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation
  • Capital Adequacy Requirements
  • European Market Infrastructure Regulation
  • Recovery and Resolution Laws
  • Prospectus Law (2012–16)
  • Transparency Law
  • Insider Dealing and Market Manipulation Regulation (2016)



Course Focus


  • Passing the exams– the Course focuses primarily on the CySEC study guide for the  certification of persons providing Investment Services and employed by Cypriot Investment Firms, Credit Institutions, Management Companies and Investment Companies of Variable Capital, which is a requirement for the provision of investment services in Cyprus
  • Operating within the legal framework– understanding how best to operate within the applicable Cypriot and European Union legal and regulatory framework and practice, and become a successful player in the European financial arena
  • Getting the technical tools– understanding the regulatory technical tools that are available to operate in the capital markets and enhance your financial strategies and risk management compliance processes



Preparation Material – All participants shall receive the EIMF booklet with all presentation notes, live mock exam and revision day, Revision with specific answer with explanation to all end of chapter questions, sample in class questions with explanations, 3 sets of online mock exam, with total of more than 200 practice questions.


Registration Procedure for Exams:  
In order to register for the CySEC exams, you must complete the online application form – read all information here

The form allows candidates to choose the examination and two possible dates on which they wish to take the examination.



Exam Results: Upon completion of the examination, candidates will be notified immediately whether they have passed and the detailed results of the examination will be sent by email at a later stage.



Successful candidates need to fill in the Registration Form and send it to in order to register in the CySEC Public Registry of Certified Persons. Registration is valid for one year.



Exam Fees: In order to take the examinations, interested individuals are required to pay: €200 to take the Basic Examination or €300 to take the Advanced Examination.


 Study at your own pace – if you cannot attend the live course please call us at 22274471 to request our self-study package