CySec Examination Self Study Course

CySec Examination Self Study Course

The European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF) is offering 2 online Anti-Money Laundering courses that cater towards the Professional and Financial Services Sectors.

Our courses designed for those who work in compliance and AML, Money Laundering Compliance Officers (MLCOs), local compliance officers, internal audit and other relevant areas, as well as those who wish to get a practical perspective on AML. Furthermore, it is an excellent introduction to people that want to join this profession, the demand for which has exploded in recent years

This Fundamendals in AML Course offers a Valuable Understanding of the Global AML function.

Please download the Course Content Here

  • This course consists of 3 units and it is considered an introductory course in AML. 
  • Addressed to all members of the firm or individuals who want a thorough introduction to AML.
  • Offers 2 CPD Units

Our AML in Financial Services Course continues from the more Basic AML course on the left.

Please download the Course Content Here

  • This course consists of 6 units and it is considered a more Advanced course in AML. 
  • Addressed to people working in AML and KYC functions, compliance Officers, Risk Managers, and people who want to gain further knowledge following the Fundamentals in AML course.
  • Offers 4 CPD Units

The production value of our online courses is unparalleled, offering pleasing and easy to follow short videos, with explanations and real life examples. The course design was undertaken by both AML Specialists and Learning & Development Experts to provide an interactive and fulfilling experience.

Both online courses have a similar structure, which consists of 3 or 6 sections. Each section consists of a 15-minute video, a case study based on the video, and questions based on the case study.

This interactive structure ensures that all participants will absorb the knowledge provided in a pleasant and intuitive manner.

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