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eimf Talks

What are the eimf Talk events?

eimf Talks are free training events that generate knowledge and discussions on innovative and technical know-how for the Financial and Professional Services Sectors. Through the eimf Talks, we thank the local community for their continuous support, by contributing to the strategic corporate and professional development of our region.

eimf Talk Events

Applied Product Strategy Concepts for the Insurance Sector

Date: 10 May | Time: 18:00-20:00

This eimf Talk is primarily addressed to Insurance professionals, distribution office owners, banking professionals who administer insurance, and other related professionals who can benefit by learning to recognize the need to create a framework, listing the benefits of creating new product ideas and concepts and how to strategically manage them through the various phases of the Product Life Cycle and the Growth matrix.




Data Protection by Design and by Default

Date: 6 June | Time: 18:00-20:00

25 May has come and gone and the GDPR is now effective.  Many organizations struggled to comes to terms with the enormity of the task of addressing the regulation and mistakenly saw 25 May as a deadline rather than a milestone in a larger piece of work.


During this presentation Tim Clements will share some insights into the benefits of aligning GDPR with existing organizational strategies, as well as outline some existing standards that can assist in establishing the framework needed to ensure ongoing compliance with GDPR and other applicable laws and regulations.


Furthermore, we will look at the operational aspects of two key GDPR requirements, “Data Protection Impact Assessment” and “Data Protection by Design and by Default”.

Populism, Productivity and the 4th Industrial Revolution

Date: 5 June | Time: 18:00-20:00

This Talk first looks at some of the economic reasons behind the revolt – such as the lack of real wage growth – and then at the longer run explanations for this, in particular the varying pattern of productivity growth (or recently the lack of such growth) and the critical question of how equally the benefits of such growth have been distributed, in an era of generally weakened trade unions and the growth of the ‘gig’ (self-employed) economy. The Talk will examine some possible good news on one of the two fronts – a digital transformation of manufacturing that will amount to a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. The Talk will conclude by looking at who might reap the benefits.