The Challenges & Benefits of Digital KYC

Alongside the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants (APCC) in the UK, join us for a live online session looking at the main challenges, as well as the benefits, of digitising your KYC processes.


Some of the main topics to be covered by our panel of experts include:

 – Fundamentals of eKYC: Can you explain the key components and technologies involved in the eKYC process, such as biometric authentication, AI, and machine learning?

 – Adoption and Implementation: How have different countries adopted eKYC technology, and what are some of the most successful examples of national eKYC systems?

 – Benefits and Efficiency: What are the primary benefits of eKYC for financial institutions and their customers, particularly in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings?

 – Challenges and Limitations: What are some of the main challenges or limitations associated with implementing eKYC, especially in regions with limited technological access or stringent regulations?

 – Regulatory Compliance: How does eKYC help organizations meet AML and CTF regulations, and what are the potential penalties for non-compliance with traditional KYC methods?

 – Consumer Trust and Security: How do eKYC technologies address concerns about data security and privacy, and how can companies ensure they are using the most secure and effective solutions?

 – Future Trends and Innovations: What are some emerging trends or innovations in eKYC technology, and how do you see the future of eKYC evolving in both the public and private sectors?



Jonathan Sanam | Vice President of Sales

Emma Lindley | Managing Director


  • Date : 03 Jul 2024
  • Time : 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm (Europe/Athens)
  • Venue : Live Online

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