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HRDA Subsidy

HRDA Subsidy

Business entities that are registered in Cyprus and meet the HRDA criteria, are eligible to attend HRDA subsidised training programmes and participate with a reduced fee. The main HRDA criteria are:


  • The business entity is registered in the Registrar of Companies and Social Insurance Services in Cyprus
  • Employees participating to the respective training courses are on a full-time employment basis
  • Both the employees and the business entity in which they are employed, submit their relevant contributions to the Social Insurance and Industrial Training Schemes
  • Delegates meet the participant profile as stated in each training intervention respectively and attend at least 75% of their training’s duration
  • Participating companies submit the HRDA application at EIMF, which is provided after training registration
  • The training fee is paid directly from the company’s records
  • Note on VAT: The HRDA Subsidy is not a discount, therefore the VAT is calculated on the initial training fee, before subsidy is subtracted.


For the official HRDA directive, please visit:


Special Discounts for Open-Enrolment, Public Events and Online Learning


  • For 3 or more professionals attending a training course from the same business entity, EIMF provides a standard 10% discount.
  • For larger groups and to discuss your organisation’s training needs holistically, please contact us for an opportunity to receive special discounts.


For the HRDA General Data Protection Regulation, please click here.