HRDA Subsidy

HRDA Subsidy

The Human Resource Development Authority
(HRDA) of Cyprus, is a semi-government organisation, the mission of which is to create the necessary prerequisites for the planned and systematic training of Cyprus’ Human Resources. One if its activities is to offer grants, in the forms of subsidies, to companies wishing to train their employees via courses/ programmes.


Business entities registered in Cyprus, may be eligible to attend HRDA subsidised training programmes and participate with a reduced fee (pay the subsidised price), given that they meet the relevant HRDA criteria.


The main HRDA criteria are:

  • – The business entity is registered in the Republic of Cyprus, under the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver, and Social Insurance Services
  • – Employees participating in the respective training courses are on a full-time employment basis
  • – The business entity submits for their employees the relevant contributions to the Social Insurance and Industrial Training Schemes
  • – Prospective attendees meet the participant profile for the respective training course, as stated on the EIMF website of the relevant course
  • – Participating companies and their employees have registered through the HRDA ERMIS System, and have finalised the procedure before the start of the course (instructions and assistance will follow after your registration to an HRDA course from the EIMF website)
  • – Participants attend at least 75% of the course’s total duration
  • – The training fee is paid directly from the company’s account
  • – Please note that cash payments are not accepted by the HRDA. All payments per participating organisation must be made through a bank (bank check or transfer or credit / debit card of the company / organization)


You may find more information on the official HRDA Directive, in Greek, here.

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