Investment Fund Custody & Administration

Investment Fund Custody & Administration



In recent years, Cyprus has made an enormous effort towards the enhancement and completion of the national legal framework concerning investment funds. These legislations have been put in place in order to promote Cyprus as in international fund jurisdiction. The Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency has helped in establishing the Cyprus Investment Funds Association in order to help promote and build a profitable sector.


It is of great importance for the sector to be equipped with qualified professionals. This programme will give the tools to professionals that work in the sector to better understand the processes relating to fund administration.  

What you will Learn

This course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:


A clear understanding of the role and responsibilities of fund administration

The confidence to liaise with investment managers, fund sponsors, custodians, selling agents and investors

The latest developments in managing and controlling fund administration processes and procedures

The knowledge of how to value and price investment funds accurately

The expertise to identify and manage sources of risk in fund servicing

The ability to maintain the fund’s compliance with regulatory and tax rules

Explore some of the recent changes in the investment environment and assess the way in

which these have impacted on the investment process, the different styles of fund management,

and the fund administrator.

Acquire the necessary skills to comply with the ever increasing demands of regulators.

Become familiar with the offering documents, reporting requirements and the problems faced

by fund administrators.

Trainer: David Loader

David Loader is Managing Director of the London based Derivatives and Securities Consultancy Ltd (DSC). DSC provides various consultancy and educational services to a wide range of financial institutions globally. David has over thirty years’ experience in the finance industry, particularly in operations, gained in a number of major organisations including SG Warburg Group where he was Operations Director. He is heavily involved in financial education and training, as a Director of Computer Based Learning Ltd (providing e-learning solutions to the financial services industry), and as an author and presenter of training courses for The Securities and Investment Institute.

David is a member of The International Guild of Bankers, The Institute of Directors and The Securities and Investment Institute.


DATES: 08/12/15, 09/12/15 & 10/12/15

DURATION: 21 Hours

LOCATION: EIMF Premises, Nicosia

TIME: 08:30 - 17:00

FEES: HRDA eligible €493, non-HRDA eligible €850 (both + €161.5 VAT)

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