Investment Professionals Development Programme

Investment Professionals Development Programme

Name: Investment Professionals Development Programme

 Components: 5 Seminar Presentations

Duration: 32 hours


The Investment Services Sector has witnessed a dramatic expansion in recent years, not only in Cyprus but internationally as well. The sector in Cyprus currently accounts for, directly and indirectly, 3% of its GDP and it is constantly expanding. However recent developments brought on by the global economic crisis, like the decision of the Swiss National Bank to abolish the exchange rate cap, have sent shockwaves within the sector, increasing the sector’s susceptibility to Market and Credit risks.


Now more than ever, companies within the sector need to train their workforce to provide them with the specific knowledge so as to prepare them for the ever-increasing constraints, adversities, competition, risks and threats to their financial prospects and to provide their clients with particular services so as to be competitive in this hazardous and competitive global arena.


By arming their personnel with specialised knowledge, companies will help develop their workforce to not only survive, but to thrive and expand in this ever-changing sector.



During this course participants will obtain thorough training in all aspects of the Investment Services Provision sector, ranging from specific knowledge for brokering deals with derivatives, technical and fundamental analysis in new financial instruments, correctly and efficiently managing various types of funds (including fund types recently introduced to the sector), and how to alleviate all matters of risks, ranging from credit risks, market risks, market manipulation risks and from risks emanating from clients looking to launder money.



Section 1:

Brokerage of Derivatives

Reception and transmission of orders in relation to one or more financial instruments and execution of orders on behalf of clients

Section 2:

Dealing on Own Account

  • Trading against proprietary capital resulting in the conclusion of transactions in one or more financial instruments


Section 3:

The provision of Investment Services –

  • Investment Advice
  • Portfolio Management


Section 4:

The provision of Investment Services –  

  • Underwritingin respect of issues or disposal of one or more of the financial instruments


Section 5:

Financial Instruments –

  • Transferable Securities,
  • Money Market Instruments


Section 6:

Financial Instruments –

  • Options,
  • Futures,
  • Swaps,
  • Forward rate Agreements


Section 7:

Financial Instruments –

  • Derivative Contracts,
  • CFDs


Section 8:

Financial Instruments –

  • Units in Collective Investments Undertakings


Section 9:

Funds and Fund Administration

  • Operational Conditions of Alternative Investment Funds


Section 10:

Funds and Fund Administration

  • Organisational Requirements of AIFs


Section 11:

Funds and Fund Administration

  • Managing Specific Types of AIFs


Section 12:

Funds and Fund Administration

  • Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities


Section 13:

Funds and Fund Administration

  • Obligations of UCITS


Section 14:

Funds and Fund Administration

  • Structures


Section 15:

Funds and Fund Administration

  • Management Companies


Section 16:

Managing Market Risk and how this affects your business


Section 17:

Managing Credit Risk and how to avoid financing and credit hurdles


Section 18:

What is Insider Dealing and Market Manipulation, how to identify it and how to avoid it


Section 19:

New ways criminals use the Investment Services sector for Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, how to spot them and how to protect yourself and your company