Managing and Leading People for Success

Managing and Leading People for Success

The difference between a just surviving business and a successful one is the human factor. A motivated workforce and a winning team is the formula for long-term success.  It is very important to know how to manage people effectively by knowing what motivates them and how they can become an effective team.  A successful manager needs to understand the role of perceptual biases, his/her management style, management and leadership principles, the role of emotional intelligence competencies in managing others, how to deal with difficult people at work, how to keep people motivated even in a’ demotivating’ context and how to build or improve a team.

Seminar Content:

  • Perceptual biases and effective communication
  • Emotional Intelligence at work
  • Multicultural communication
  • Organizational culture and organizational effectiveness
  • Management and Leadership
  •  Selecting the right person
  • Motivating others
  • Team dynamics
  • Stress and time management

Who should attend:

Managers, executives, supervisors and specialists who have risen to management positions, as well as experienced managers who also need to understand how to manage people effectively in order to get a competitive advantage.


This 3-day seminar will give practical suggestions regarding employees’ motivation, team building and effectiveness, management and leadership emotional intelligence and perception.  Participants will be actively involved in the seminar and will have the opportunity to participate in practical exercises, discuss case studies and be involved in role playing and a business game.

DATES: 8, 9, 10 December

DURATION: 21 Hours

LOCATION: EIMF Premises, Nicosia

TIME: 09:00 – 17:15

FEES: HRDA eligible €323, non-HRDA eligible €680 (both + €129.20 VAT)

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In-House Training

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Instructor: Dr Maria Vakola

Dr Maria Vakola is an organisational psychologist and she is currently working as an associate professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business. Maria worked as a lecturer and visiting lecturer for many European institutions and universities. She has also worked as consultant and presented her work in executive seminars. Her most recent co-operations include Greek and multinational companies such as Vodafone, Delhaize Group, Groupama etc. Maria has published in academic journals such as the Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Applied Behavioural Science, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, International Journal of HRM, Communications of the ACM etc. She is the author of three books and her last one is titled ‘Organizational Behaviour and Psychology’ and she is currently acting as an editor to HR case study series.

Maria is an experienced trainer with 17 years of teaching in various audiences ranging from undergraduate students to management teams and a recipient of multiple awards for teaching excellence.  She is a founder member  of the international forum for psychology of change researchers (IFPOC) and she is a co-founder of which was recognised by the Hellenic Management Association as the best HR innovative program of the year 2014.