Roles and Responsibilities of the BoD of CIFs

Roles, responsibilities, and liabilities for directors of registered Cyprus Investment firms – the symposium

This half-day symposium will undertake the important goal of educating the Members of the BoD of Cyprus Investment Firms on their roles and responsibilities. Executive and Non-Executive Directors of CIFs are under continued and increased scrutiny by the regulator, as their role was historically misinterpreted and misjudged by the directors themselves.

Course Outline & Objectives:

This symposium will cover 3 pillars in the Directors’ Functions, presented by 3 experts in their respective fields.


  • Duties of Directors emanating from Law 144 and relevant ESMA framework


Presented by Investment Firms Expert Mr Yiannos Ashiotis, this section will cover the obligations of Executive and Non-Executive Directors, the scope of the relevant laws, an overview of the sector and the role of the director in the firm within the sector, the offenses and law violations that a firm and the directors can be viable for. Furthermore, this section will cover issues of the CIF requirements for its board and the relevant Governance responsibilities


  • Governance, Capital Adequacy and CRD IV


This section will be presented by Capital Adequacy Expert Mr Panayiotis Antoniou, and it will cover the important changes after the Capital Requirements Directive IV / Capital Requirements Regulation, the new CRD IV Principles for risk management and corporate governance and the major challenge for the Board of Directors emanating from this framework. Furthermore Mr Antoniou will delve into the capital buffer requirements, the new Global Liquidity Standards and the maturity transformation consequences, and issues on the Leverage Ratio.

Finally, we will cover the upcoming changes emanating from Basel IV.


  • Personal Liabilities of Directors and D&O Insurance


Presented by lawyer and Insurance & Risk expert, and for 16 years the General Manager of AIG Mr Miltiades Miltiadou, this section will help directors understand their duties and obligations, for which they are personally responsible, some of which may carry unlimited liability. They will identify and analyse the complex range of considerable personal and professional risk exposures. They will realize that claims brought against them can threaten their personal wealth. Now more than ever, it is important for directors of companies and organizations to understand the legal safeguards available to them and, perhaps more important, the limits of those safeguards. Once they identify the risks that threaten their personal property, freedom and reputation, they will be able to consider how to deal with them either by avoiding the risk, reducing the risk or by transferring the risk to an insurance company.

DATE: 7 April



LOCATION: Crowne Plaza, Limassol

TIME: 09:00 – 14:00

FEES: €120 + VAT

Who should attend:

Executive and Non-Executive Members of the Board of Directors of Investment Firms, Risk Managers, Compliance Officers.

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