The European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF) Partners with the Code Institute

The European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF) Partners with the Code Institute

The European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF), an accredited and licensed Education Group offering global business qualifications, has joined forces with the Code Institute, an acclaimed online educator in software development. The partnership sees EIMF offering the Code Institute’s Diploma in Full Stack Software Development, eCommerce. This qualification provides an accelerated pathway to a career within the tech sector for those with little or no previous coding experience. Demand for software developers is soaring globally, roles are well remunerated and career progression is rapid. Applications are now open for the year-long programme which starts this May. 

The Code Institute is a global EdTech company headquartered in Ireland that has ripped up the slow and outdated rule book when it comes to delivering software development skills. It is industry recognised as the gold-standard in career conversion, and each programme is industry validated and university credit-rated or accredited by the relevant awarding body.

Demand for software developers is rapidly escalating as digitisation accelerates, and hundreds of thousands of new roles are opening every month. As the technology world evolves and businesses become increasingly reliant on technology, the demand for software developers is continuously rising. The employment of software developers is expected to grow faster in the following years compared to the growth of other occupations.

Marios Siathas, EIMF CEO commented: “We are thrilled to be collaborating with the Code Institute; we are dedicated to offering new learning opportunities and firmly believe that coding skills will prove a must for the future of all industries.” Furthermore, he notedthis partnership offers great opportunities to those who may wish to start a career in software development, or to those who are ready to switch careers!”

“Code Institute is delighted to partner with EIMF on the delivery of this coding qualification. This one-year career conversion course gives people with no prior coding experience a fast-track into this lucrative sector where demand for software developers is extraordinarily high and growing globally. It requires focus and dedication, however the rewards are worth it and many of our alumni are now working in top tech companies where their careers are rapidly progressing. This is the most satisfying part of what we do.” Jim Cassidy, CEO, Code Institute

The Diploma in Full-Stack Software Development, e-Commerce, is a practical, hands-on and fully online qualification in software development. The programme has been developed with input from the world’s top technology firms and candidates will attain the in-demand skills and knowledge needed to start a career in software development.

During this programme candidates will acquire front-end and back-end coding skills so that they can produce websites and web applications with a functional, fully integrated payment system, as well as learn the most up-to-date languages and build their portfolio of real-world example projects.  The duration of the programme is 12 months, and it is suitable for any individual with or without previous coding experience.

To attain this Diploma 5 milestone projects need to be successfully completed.

Project 1: HTML/CSS

Project 2: Javascript

Project 3: Python

Project 4: Full Stack

Project 5: Capstone

The content is industry validated by the Industry Advisory Council to ensure its relevance to today’s tech roles and university credit rated by the University of the West of Scotland.

Candidates who register for the Diploma programme will benefit from an EIMF-Exclusive opportunity. Candidates will be provided access to 5 dedicated workshops designed to develop the candidates’ practical competencies, challenge their problem-solving abilities and advance their understanding of the concepts that they are learning.

Interested candidates should first try the FREE 5-Step Coding Challenge, a fun introduction to the concepts of coding. By spending one hour a day for five days, candidates will learn the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They will have access to Code Institute’s world-class LMS while they uncover their aptitude for software development. By completing the 5-Step Coding Challenge, candidates may then register to the full programme.

With a proven record, 90% of the Code Institute Graduates are employed within 6 months of completed the programme. By attaining the Diploma in Full-Stack Software Development, e-Commerce graduates will have the confidence to showcase their skills, talents, and their personality to excel in a new coding career.

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