A free and easy way to learn: 8 great business podcasts you should listen to today

A free and easy way to learn: 8 great business podcasts you should listen to today

PodcastWhen it comes to traveling, driving or even relaxing, an interesting business podcast can be your best friend.

Do you want to learn about investment, business and money? Are you curious about marketing? Or do you just want to laugh or get a different take on business issues?

The great thing about business podcasts these days is that you will find topics of interest for just about anyone. Plus, these popular podcasts are delivered via streaming on any mobile device you already own or can be downloaded and enjoyed via your car’s audio system or your personal computer.

Another nice thing about business podcasts is that they are topic-specific. You can choose those relevant to your specific professional interests, while also exploring ones that might not be as relevant but offer useful knowledge to master. Business podcasts are good learning tools for both specific topics and general knowledge on any business-related subject.

Duration is also very important as many business podcast episodes are short and therefore perfect for listening on the go, either during your commute from work or while running errands.

It is important to dedicate some time to carefully choose those business podcasts that best suit your needs and interests. We suggest you listen to several before committing your time and attention to a specific set of business podcasts.

To help you get started, the EIMF team has compiled a short list of finance, business and management-related podcasts that might be of interest. Happy listening!

HBR Idea Cast

This weekly business podcast from the Harvard Business Review covers many business, finance, learning and development, strategy and political topics. Most podcast are short in duration and they are available for download.


Planet Money

This business podcast by NPR presents topics related to the economy, money and finances, among others, and is told via the use of engaging storyt
elling and case studies.


The CIPD Podcast

This monthly podcast focuses on work, human resources and learning. It’s short (usually no more than 20 minutes) and although it focuses on the UK, many of its themes are relevant to workplaces around the globe.


Bloomberg Master in Business Podcasts

This is a very interesting business podcast with Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz. Through his interviews, Ritholtz takes an in-depth look at the people and ideas that shape markets, investment and business.


The Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast

This insightful podcast provides a lively space for conversation, learning and sharing. Via interviews and discussions, listeners can learn about business and life from the point of view of an introvert.


Freakonomics Radio Archive

Freakonomics Radio is an incredibly popular weekly economics podcast hosted by Stephen Dubner, author of Freakonomics. Created for a general audience, this podcast takes cues from the best-selling Freakonomics book, exploring and analyzing economics and social behavior in everyday life.


Success Talks

This personal development podc
ast features fascinating interviews with prominent business, creative and thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Anne Sweeney, Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss and Barbara Corcoran. It focuses on helping the listener nurture and develop their mind, body and spirit to excel in their chosen industry.


Stories From the Sales Floor

This is a highly entertaining sales podcast that features interviews with top sales leaders from several business sectors. Tune in to learn how the interviewees closed their biggest deals and receive sales advice in a humorous and light manner.


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