Data Protection in Europe & Beyond: A Webinar

Data Protection in Europe & Beyond: A Webinar

We’re excited to announce that on Thursday, November 2nd at 14:00 GMT, Taxlinked in collaboration with, the European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF), will host a webinar, focusing on data protection in Europe and beyond.

This is a very timely subject considering that, come May 2018, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will finally be enforced.


As you may know, this new rule wants to broaden the scope of the region’s data protection law to include all international firms handling EU residents’ data and bring greater consistency to Europe’s data protection regulations.

Data protection and privacy is a trending topic these days, especially considering the GDPR and all the compliance requirements being brought forth via its enforcement.

We have a great set of panelists ready to discuss the latest on GDPR and data protection across the globe, so make sure to book your seat today!

Our data protection experts

Dr. Nick Skrekas
International Lawyer, Economic Analyst, Consultant & Public Speaker

Tomaso Falchetta Advocacy and Policy Team Lead, Privacy International
United Kingdom

Sam Pfeifle
Content Director, International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)
United State of America

Participation in this webinar if free. Total webinar duration 1.5 hours.