European Institute of Management and Finance | EIMF Bite-Sized Training
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EIMF Bite-Sized Training

What is eimf Bite Sized Training?

Bite Sized workshops are short, 3-hour, fast paced, interactive training sessions that offer busy professionals the opportunity to enhance knowledge and learn new skills. These miniature sessions provide a sophisticated yet simple learning solution that engages participants in real-life examples from their own experiences, thus ensuring a perfect fit with their learning requirements, as well providing a cost-effective option where budgets may be limited.

Bite Sized Trainings

Managing Disagreements in the Workplace

Conflicts, especially in the form of verbal disagreements are an inevitable occurrence in the workplace and it is managers who are often required to resolve these.


This training workshop will provide managers with insight into the causes of conflict and possible resolution strategies that can be employed in the workplace. It will also increase their awareness of their own emotional triggers and provide the tools (including active and empathic listening, asking questions and evaluating the personalities involved) needed to productively manage and resolve conflict.