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elearning platform

logoThe EIMF has partnered up with InterActive, an award-winning e-learning platform, to give EIMF clients the option to participate online in some of our popular offerings.

InterActive revolutionises the learning process by taking it beyond the classroom. It has been recognised by the respected accountancy publication, PQ Magazine, for its uniqueness and high standards. As well as being previously named ‘Study Resource of the Year’, it is the study platform of choice for PQ’s ‘Distance Learning Student of the Year’.


AML Fundamentals

Participants in this course will learn the fundamentals of anti-money laundering measures that must be taken by organisations such as financial institutions, lawyers and other regulated entities. They will learn how this phenomenon has been addressed over the years through standards set by international bodies and their subsequent adoption by legislators and regulators across the world.

Financial Promotion and Marketing Compliance

Participants in this course we will learn about financial promotion and marketing compliance, the regulation and role of competent authorities in various jurisdictions, guidelines when talking to clients, and how to be compliant with the legal framework and avoid illegal and aggressive commercial practices.

Practical Aspects of the Compliance Function

Participants in this course we will learn about the role and importance of the compliance function in general, within Investment firms, within the Banking Institutions and when the compliance function can be combined with other internal control functions.

Moral Hazard and Conflicts of Interest in the Financial Services Sector

Conflict of interest is a type of moral hazard problem that arises when an institution has multiple objectives and, as a result, has conflicts between those objectives which may potentially lead to conceal information or disseminate misleading information.

In-House Training

If you would like to discuss bringing these or other topics to your organization on an in-house basis please call us at 22274470 or email us at

Other Courses and Seminars

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