EIMF | LGCA | AI Made Understandable: ChatGPT’s Impact on Business, the Public Sector, and Governments

Join us for an insightful, jargon-free, live online course on Artificial Intelligence (AI), the latest language models like ChatGPT, and how they are revolutionizing industries, creating new opportunities, and posing unique challenges.

Look very carefully at the surreal image at the top of the banner. What do you think it symbolises? How is this strange photo related to AI? This course will help to demystify the weird image and AI itself!

Imagine a future where not knowing how to use AI is akin to being illiterate. These days are closer than you think.

This course is designed for non-technical professionals who want to understand the transformative power of AI in the context of their work. You will find it particularly beneficial if you are:

– A decision-maker or board member in a private sector company or public sector organization

– A member of a government agency, a lawmaker or a regulator

– A practitioner, including a lawyer, auditor or medical doctor

– A judge, educator or journalist

– An IT services contract negotiator or buyer

– A manager

In just under two hours, Andronicos will break down complex AI concepts into simple language, providing real-world examples, and sharing practical knowledge on:

– Understanding AI and the capabilities of ChatGPT (high-level overview).

– Concrete examples of how and when to use ChatGPT to optimize operations.

– Methods to leverage AI to drive cost savings and boost productivity.

– Exploring the role of ChatGPT in academic research and writing, with practical examples of how it can help structure a draft PhD thesis in just a few hours.

– An overview of the current challenges and potential future risks of AI.

– Why AI needs regulation and the potential implications of this.

– A forward-looking view on the future of AI in business and society.

– Discover how AI, especially in the realms of project management and programming, can drastically streamline processes, diminish time, and reduce costs.

This unique segment will feature a 30-minute pre-recorded interview with Manuel Avila MBA (PMP certified) based in Canada. This enlightening discussion, to be presented towards the end of the course, is a must-watch to ensure you’re never overcharged by IT services suppliers in future.



Missed the Webinar? Watch the Recorded Video!


  • Date : 19 Jul 2023
  • Venue : Online Event

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