Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law (Law 144(I)/2007) CPD

Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law (Law 144(I)/2007) CPD

Law 144(I)/2007, also known as the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Laws of 2007 to 2014 regulates the provision of investment and ancillary services, as well as the performance of investment activities on a professional basis in the Republic of Cyprus and regulates the operation of regulated markets and other related matters.

Seminar Content:

  • Overview of the Law and its general provisions
  • Investment Services and Ancillary Services
  • Operation of Regulated Markets
  • Financial Instruments
  • Relevant EC Directives that were harmonised into the Law
  • Investor Protection, Transparency, Efficiency, Iniformity, Single Passport
  • Internal Procedures and Controls
  • Conflict of Interest Resolution
  • Code of conduct of entities and personnel
  • Best Execution of Clients Orders

Who should attend:

Investment Services Professionals, Bankers, Legal Professionals, Accountants, Fiduciary Service providers. Also professionals that aim to obtain their CPD training, as required by CySEC and the ICPAC.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

According to CySEC’s requirements, persons registered in the Public Register of Certified Persons must renew their registration on a yearly basis by submitting to CySEC within two months from the end of each calendar year a statement of continued professional training on topics that fall within the existing legislation on the capital market.

Furthermore, the ICPAC has put in place Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements based on ACCA’s CPD programme. ICPAC requires all members to undertake relevant CPD throughout their career, to ensure that they maintain and develop the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to succeed in their profession.

DATES: 28 January 2016


LOCATION: EIMF Premises, Nicosia

TIME: 15:00 – 20:30

FEES: €100 +19% VAT

Registration Form

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Instructor: Mr Yiannos Ashiotis

A seasoned trainer, Yiannos has been putting his diverse international business experience in good use by helping organizations achieve their targets by empowering their people through energetic, value adding training programs.

Yiannos has developed and conducted professional training seminars with emphasis on accounting, finance, management, regulation as well as a variety of business topics to corporate audiences in many countries including Poland, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt, Abu Dhabi etc.

During his career Yiannos has held various managerial and executive positions in a number of multinational companies in Europe and the Middle East in a variety of industries.

He was involved in diverse activities ranging from business development to operations and executive management. He structured complex investment funds, lead organizational change, and implemented regulatory programs across international organizations.

Yiannos holds non–‐executive directorships in a number of financial services organizations and is a member of many international professional bodies. He is currently the Managing Director of Intelion Partners, a boutique firm focusing on management, financial, and investment firm/fund advisory and consulting.