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Leadership and Management Programmes

Nowadays, organisational managers and leaders need to be able to engage their team and assist them in reaching their company’s goals. Now more than ever people do not respond to directions but expect to be effectively managed via a clear organizational strategy. In this respect, the AIMF offers a plethora of courses that can effectively train participants in various managerial positions. The benefits for your company from participating in one of our courses will be realised immediately.

Some of the courses that we offer:

Effective Leadership programme

This management training program will teach you how to stop managing and start leading; and, as a result, make you a vital part to your organization’s future. Investing in leadership development training will help build your team’s leadership fundamentals, which will ensure you are more than likely to have a bright career path ahead of you.

Change Management

Change is the only constant and managers and leaders must learn how to best navidate their organizations through change. Participants will learn to strengthen interpersonal relationships, manage stress and handle fast-changing workplace conditions. Participants will become better equipped to perform as persuasive communicators, problem-solvers and focused leaders.

Management Essentials

A must programme for anyone with a technical, engineering or any professional qualification that has or will be given a management position. During this programme participants will learn how to create a strategy and implement it, how to market and sell products and services, the importance of customer service and the implementation of successful customer service initiatives, preparing action plans and budgets, and how to work and manage their team and projects effectively.

Finance and accounting for business executives

A introductory course for any business executive that needs to deal with budgets, financial planning, pricing and any other financial and accounting jargons at work.

Other seminars: Performance management, Managing teams, Time management and prioritization, Conflict management, Project Management