Marketing Strategy & Tactics in a Digital World

Marketing Strategy & Tactics in a Digital World

Name: Marketing Strategy

 Components: 2 Seminar Presentations

 Duration: 14 hours

Business professionals and owners are facing many challenges in incorporating and integrating their business development and marketing campaigns. They need to understand that marketing cannot be a standalone activity, and it takes a lot to plan activities and stitch online together with offline to create an effective strategy.

The consumer in this digital age expects companies to be creative and personalised with their messaging, to deliver through the channel that they want, at the exact moment they want it. So how can companies keep their strategy updated when their focus (potential client) is a moving target?

This course reflects the need for practicable responses to the most common challenges facing companies in grappling with digital challenges and opportunities.


During this course participants will learn how to boost their short term marketing results via proven techniques, and how to build long-term sustainable competitive advantage by developing a more strategic perspective that focuses on results.

They will also learn how to develop a better marketing plan by using PR Smith’s SOSTAC® model which stands for situation analysis, objectives, strategy, tactics, actions and controls.

Participants will learn:

  • the major principle of marketing and the digital marketing ecosystem
  • understand and be able to apply the marketing mix to their organization
  • the marketing tools available to them for both offline and online campaigns
  • how to create marketing plans using the SOSTAC® planning model tool
  • how to avoid the classic mistakes in planning campaigns
  • how to exploit new digital tactical tools, build an integrated strategy, develop your plan and measure results to ensure you continually boost your results
  • how to plan and optimize their marketing plans


The candidates who will complete the program successfully will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Training’, stating that the Cyprus Human Resource development Authority approves the program.



Section 1:

Course introduction, ice breaker, course and participants objectives

Situation Analysis, Objectives & Strategy
Introduction Digital Marketing Trends & SOSTAC® Marketing Plan

Section 2:

Situation Analysis (where are we now): Customers, Competition, Trends & Influencers; Who are your customers? Why do visitors visit and come back? What satisfies them? How do they buy? How do they process information?

Section 3:

Objectives (where do we want to go): C level, marketing and operational objectives from mission to vision to the KPI Pyramid; plus inspirational objectives including ‘sizzle’ objectives

Section 4:

Strategy: (how do we get there): why strategy is critical; types of strategy; key components of strategy; strategic options, testing your strategy.

Creating your strategy – group practical exercise

Section 5:

Tactics, Action & Control
Tactics (the details of strategy): advantages & disadvantages of major tactical tools/channels – SEO, SEM, PPC, PR and Viral Marketing, Social Media, Opt-in eMail, Affiliate Marketing, Link Building, web rings, widgets and apps; content marketing; marketing automation.

Mapping the channels and tools based on your needs – group exercise

Section 6:

Action (details of tactics): checklists, processes incl: 20 ways to build credibility before raising visibility; 10 ways to boost conversions; 5 ways to convert customers into lifetime customers; content marketing in action

Case study, discussion and group exercise

Section 7:

Control (are we getting there): metrics and measurement , from ROI to KPIs what needs to be measured by whom, when and what happens when blips are observed,

Section 8:

Creating a plan with KPIs – group exercise

Section 9:

How to avoid common mistakes

Creative Thinking Exercises


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