Project and Asset Finance with Limited Recourses

Project and Asset Finance with Limited Recourses



One of the issues that the crisis has introduced to today’s industries is the need to persevere and expand with limited recourses compared to a few years back. Today’s economy calls for specific and fine-tuned project development, skills that today’s decision makers in all industries and every business from every size needs to hone and refine.


Today’s business executives, in any field and any industry, need to understand the basics of project and asset finance and acquire the knowledge that is needed to be applied to keep the company afloat and expanding.


What you will Learn

During this course participants will obtain a thorough grounding in limited-recourse financing applied to a range of capital-intensive industries, like the Financial Services Sector, Maritime, Construction Sector, Small to Medium Size Businesses etc.


Project finance is the long-term finance of infrastructure and industrial projects based upon the projected cash flows of the project rather than the balance sheets of its sponsors. Project finance is often more complicated than alternative financing methods. It takes a variety of skills including financial, management, legal and business savviness to master this area of structured finance, skills that will be provided by this course.


By attending this three day course participants will:


Master the financing, legal documentation and structuring of Project Financing

How to best manage the risk in Project Financing

Understand the most profitable strategies in Equipment Financing

Understand how to work with Business Partners from the Arab Countries

Learn the safest ways to engage in any form of Constuction/Maritime/Derivative/Energy/Oil&Gas Finance

Engage in 10 separate case study workshops to reinforce newly learnt knowledge to improve your acumen

Trainer: Dr. Nick Skrekas


Dr. Nick Skrekas is an international lawyer and financial analyst who has worked at top law firms, as an expert on EU projects, as well as an acclaimed consultant. He also has a background as a specialist writer in cutting edge financial media like The Wall Street Journal and has authored two books for Thomson Reuters.


He has deep experience in syndicated loans representing both multi-million lenders and prime borrowers, corporate finance, project finance, finance, equipment finance, shipping and aircraft finance. He is also a specialist in international banking and business law.

Dr. Skrekas has been training bankers, CEOs, CFOs, lawyer and business executives in areas like finance and law across the world since 2004. He has recently advised some top 4 Greek banks in rationalization portfolios and consolidating their international presence.

Dr. Skrekas has a Bachelor of Laws with Honors, a Bachelor of Economics, a Diploma in Applied Finance, a Masters of Laws, an MBA and Doctorate in Law from top Australian institutions, always graduating with exceptional distinctions.


His qualifications are recognized in Australia, the UK, the US and European Union. Dr. Skrekas is also a Member of the International Bar Association and is a certified analyst. He has a superior record of more than two decades of work experience and is a leading consultant to bulge bracket investments banks and magic circle law firms, as well as private equity and hedge funds. He also is employed as a consultant by world leading strategy advisory companies.

DATES: 23/11/15 - 25/11/15

DURATION: 21 Hours

LOCATION: EIMF Premises, Nicosia

TIME: 08:30 - 17:00

FEES: HRDA eligible €273, non-HRDA eligible €630 (both + €119.70 VAT)

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