Reengineering your Organization; a Roadmap to Business Process Improvement

Reengineering Your Organization; a Roadmap to Business Process Improvement

Regularly, we craft business plans and strategies. We upgrade our products or services. We even train and develop our people. And yet, we often discover a number of bothersome problems that crop up. A few examples: customer complaints, misunderstanding between teams, and stifled initiative and creativity from team members. These and other problems force us to devote time and pour money and other resources to solve them.Unfortunately, there are some organisations that expect better results from using the same old processes.


In this workshop the participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to analyse and accurately model business processes at the enterprise level as well as the detailed workflow level.

What you will Learn

This course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:


  • Objectively analyse the process dimension of the business
  • Accurately define the scope of a business process
  • Develop an enterprise-level business process model
  • Capture and map the details of an existing business process using a model
  • Build an integrated model of a defined business process showing its levels of detail
  • Obtain the information necessary to build a business process model
  • Identify business process improvement opportunities using a model

Trainer: Thomas Poutas

Thomas holds Diplomas in Industrial Sociologist, Economics, Information Science and Electrical Engineering. He has extensively worked as an Interim Project & Operations Manager, Management Consultant and Trainer and Business-Coach in Germany, CEEMEA and China. He had performed numerous designing and business performance management projects, training and coaching for a number of German and international clients.

Thomas has developed and implemented in-house and external Workshops and Trainings for more than 3.000 participants in Change Management, Project Management, Business Process Management, Balanced Scorecard, People Leadership, LEAN-TQM-KAIZEN, Sales Process Management, Time Management , Conflict Management, Outplacement, Intercultural Communication, HR Recruitment & Assessment Centre, Personnel Positioning. Trainees included leaders, executives, managers, workers and employees from different cultures in CEEMEA.


DATES: 05/11/15 – 06/11/15

DURATION: 14 hours


TIME: 08:30 - 17:00

FEES: HRDA eligible participants €334, regular cost €572 (both prices Include VAT)

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