Risk Management in Financial Services

Risk Management in Financial Services

Name: Risk Management in Financial Services

 Components: 2 Seminar Presentations

Duration: 14 hours

In the face of increasing economic changes, the need for professionals to know how to manage risk is more important than ever before. This knowledge will offer a competitive commercial advantage to companies in Cyprus and increase their potential for new business development.  They will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and:

  • Cover all key risks in financial services – operational, credit, market, investment and liquidity, business risk, corporate governance, regulation and risk management
  • Addresses international issues, reflecting the needs of a worldwide market
  • Addresses techniques used to identify, reduce and manage specific aspects of risk

Provides a sound grounding in the principles of the risk management framework, corporate governance and risk oversight


To provide participants with a broad understanding of the key risks that arise within financial services, by covering the following:

  • Principles of the Risk Management Framework
  • International Risk Regulation
  • Operational Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Investment Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Corporate Governance and Risk Oversight
  • Model Risk
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)


The candidates who will complete the program successfully will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Training’, stating that the Cyprus Human Resource development Authority approves the program


Section 1:

Principles of Risk Management

Introduction to Risk in Business

Section 2:

International Risk Regulation

The Bank for International Settlements

Basel Regulatory Capital and Operational Risk Requirements

Principles-Based Regulation

Other Relevant Regulations

Section 3:

Operational Risk

Definitions of Operational Risk

Operational Risk Policy

Operational Risk Framework

Operational Risk Identification

Operational Risk Assessment and Measurement

Managing Operational Risk

Section 4:

Credit Risk

Identification of Credit Risk

Credit Risk Measurement

Credit Risk Management

Section 5:

Market Risk

Identification of Market Risk

Market Risk Management

Section 6:

Investment Risk

The Measurement of Investment Returns

Identification and Measurement of Investment Risk

Section 7:

Liquidity Risk

Identification of Liquidity Risk

Measurement of Liquidity Risk

Management of Liquidity Risk

Section 8:

Corporate Governance and Risk

Internal Corporate Governance

Culture and


Risk Governance within Financial Services Organisations

Section 9:

Model Risk

Overview of Model Risk

Section 10:

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Overview of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)


Risk Management in the Financial Services Sector Conference

20th May 2015

Carob Mill, Limassol, 09:30 – 14:30

 The premier forum for providers Investment Services, Forex, and Binary Options, offering a comprehensive presentation of the relevant regulations regarding Risk Management in the sector, practical advice on all relevant issues, and presentation of various solutions.

As the sector is settling after a few turbulent years due to the global financial crisis, firms within the sector need to respond to large changes, both from a regulatory perspective and from the ever-increasing strategic challenges to manage risk. Even though the post-crisis surge of regulatory changes is diminishing, companies are constantly faced with market shocks, with latest being the decision of the Swiss National Bank to abolish the exchange rate cap, sending new shockwaves within the sector.

EIMF is organizing the ‘Risk Management in the Financial Service Sector’ Conference, a unique international conference in Cyprus in the challenges the companies within the sector face.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to be updated by renowned professionals in the field, to be presented with practical solutions, and exchange views and discuss issues pertaining to the current affairs, both from a regulatory and from a practical perspective.

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