Ship Vetting and Auditing


Ship Vetting and Auditing

Audits, Inspections and Vetting form a major part of mechanisms used to monitor, control and support quality of ship operations, and compliance with statutory national and international regulations. Unfortunately, with the number of audits, inspection and vetting regimes in force in present times, there is often confusion in minds of shipboard officers and shore staff as to what are the specific requirements of each regime.


This training program aims providing a simple, yet profound introduction to the different regimes, their genesis and their specific requirements, and how one could be better prepared to deal with such events.

Learning Outcomes

  • Clear understanding of different regimes which carry out ship audits and vetting, both statutory as well as voluntary. To comprehend their role, frequency of visits, impact of the report on the ships operations and its company.
  • To develop understanding of the expectations of each inspecting/auditing body.
  • To develop a strategic approach of dealing with the multitude of inspection/auditing bodies.

Seminar Content

  • Introduction to Audits and Inspections on board ships; their genesis and how they have evolved over the years.
  • Different types of auditing and inspecting bodies:
    • Classification Societies
    • FSC and PSC
    • SIRE, CDI, Right Ships, TMSA.
  • Expectations of the different auditing and inspecting bodies for various aspects of a vessel and its operations.
  • Unifying the requirements and developing a strategic approach
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DATES: 28 November


LOCATION: CMS Training Centre, Limassol

TIME: 09:00 – 17:00

FEES: €350 + VAT

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Target Audience

  • Shore Office Staff from Technical and HSSEQ Departments
  • Senior Shipboard Staff

Registration Form

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In-House Training

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Instructor: Pawan Kapoor

Mr. Pawan Kapoor, the Chairman and Managing Director of ISF Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd (Est: 2004), Chief Executive of ISF HR Services (Est: 2003), and Founder & Trustee of Inner Search Foundation – A charitable trust (Est: 2000), has vast and varied working experience of over 36 years in the maritime industry of which 26 years has been with maritime education, training, quality assurance, development and management of organizations and related activities. The ISF Group offers a wide range of services in the maritime and allied sectors. The highlights of his 26 years’ shore career have been the development of the International Maritime Training Centre – IMTC (formerly known as the Indian Maritime Training Centre), which he was also leading from 1998 to 2002. He was then the Chief Executive of the Tolani Maritime Institute, the premier private maritime institute in Pune, India, spread over 120 acres with over 100 staff and 700 students.


Besides various academic and infrastructure developmental tasks at the institute, he spearheaded the change management program to provide the institute a university like organizational structure. Mr. Kapoor is a certified trainer. Besides teaching marine engineering subjects, his experience of developing and running organizations, and interacting closely with management gurus of the well known IIM Ahmedabad, has provided him with the expertise in training in management and human resource areas too. Through various human resource and management programs in maritime and offshore sector, he has trained close to 2000 people till date. These include professionals with seafaring as well as non seafaring backgrounds. He also continues to guide engineers for developing their competence and conducts several value addition programs for deck and engineering staff. He is a lead auditor of ISO systems and has been consulting companies in development and restructuring of their systems to meet customer and internal requirements.